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Weber Gas Barbecue Range

Weber Gas BBQ With a Weber Gas Barbecue, you can enjoy the convenience of the world's favourite Weber gas bbq fire. All it takes is the push of a button, and you can make precise temperature adjustments to cook your meals to perfection.

Unlike the time and effort it takes to get a charcoal fire going, these gas grills only need two minutes to create enough heat for cooking your food. In the long run, they're a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Cooking with Gas - The right product for you depends entirely on your needs. You can choose from one to six gas burners, depending on whether you throw enormous parties or simply enjoy a hearty meal after work.


Weber Spirit Gas Barbecues

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Weber® Spirit™ II E-210™ GBS™ Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £448.00

RRP £499.00  Save 10%
£13.95 per month on finance
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Weber® Spirit™ II E-310™ GBS™ Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £497.17

RRP £599.00  Save 17%
£15.48 per month on finance
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Weber® Spirit™ II E-220™ GBS™ Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £499.00

RRP £569.00  Save 12%
£15.53 per month on finance
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Weber® Spirit™ II E-320 GBS Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £639.00

RRP £699.00  Save 9%
£19.89 per month on finance
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Weber® Spirit™ II S-320 GBS Gas BBQ

Price £679.00

RRP £749.00  Save 9%
£21.14 per month on finance

Weber Genesis II Gas Barbecues

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Weber® Genesis® II E-310™ GBS™ Black Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £799.00

RRP £949.00  Save 16%
£24.87 per month on finance
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Weber® Genesis® II E-310™ GBS™ Smoke Grey Gas BBQ

Price £799.00

RRP £949.00  Save 16%
£24.87 per month on finance
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Weber® Genesis® II S-410™ GBS™ Stainless Gas BBQ

Price £999.00

RRP £1,279.00  Save 22%
£31.10 per month on finance
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Weber® Genesis® II E-410™ GBS™ Black Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £999.00

RRP £1,179.00  Save 15%
£31.10 per month on finance
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Weber® Genesis® II E-410™ GBS™ Smoke Grey Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £999.00

RRP £1,179.00  Save 15%
£31.10 per month on finance
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Weber® Genesis® II E-610™ GBS™ Black Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £1,349.10

RRP £1,499.00  Save 10%
£42.00 per month on finance
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More About Weber Gas BBQ

Weber has 60 years' experience creating some of the world's best known and most loved barbecues. At BBQWorld we are proud to bring you a wide selection of Weber gas BBQ models. Every Weber gas barbecue includes a 10-year limited warranty, is made from long-lasting and durable materials that are built to last and designed to offer the best possible outdoor cooking experience, and there is a huge selection to choose from so that you can find the model that best meets your needs.

Weber Gas Barbecues
To some, it is a contentious issue - are charcoal or gas barbecues best. On the one hand, charcoal is considered to give the more authentic flavour and aroma. On the other hand, gas barbecues light instantly, require less time to warm up before you can cook on them, and the heat can more easily be modified which enables you to create more complex dishes and foods. Fortunately, the leading name in barbecues has both charcoal and gas models to offer, and if you want convenience and improved features, then a Weber gas BBQ from BBQWorld has the features you're looking for.

As well as the standard Weber gas BBQ, there are portable models that are perfect camping or large, multi-burner barbecues that you can use to feed the extended family or when entertaining friends. There is even the Q range, which is both portable and powerful, and comes with either disposable gas canisters or a standard gas canister connection.

The Spirit range is considered the entry level of Weber gas BBQ but this still means that you get a choice of two or three burners and side burner, an enclosed cart that allows you to store your utensils and other Weber gas BBQ accessories, and a gas bottle screen. The Spirit also has the crossover ignition system, which means that you can light both burners at once, rather than having to light them one at a time.

Although the Spirit might be the entry level, it is one of the best gas BBQ models in its price range and it comes with the Weber 10-year limited warranty and Weber cover's are available for your selected Spirit BBQ.

The Genesis is the mid-range of Weber gas barbecues. Described more accurately as a grill system, the Genesis is like having a portable kitchen in your garden, with three burners plus a convenient side burner and a searing station. You also get fold-out side tables, allowing you to keep your food close to hand ready for cooking, or allowing you somewhere to place the meat to sit once it's cooked.

The enamelled hood and doors are designed to last for years, without rusting and without getting damaged. There's space to keep utensils and tools, a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and disposal, and electronic ignition so that you can quickly light your Weber gas BBQ ready for use.

The Summit is the luxury, high-end model and the best gas BBQ that Weber has to offer. It has everything you need from a barbecue, and more. There are four burners, a searing station, and even a rotisserie for slowly and evenly cooking your meat dishes. There's a smoker box and an infrared rear burner. With spacious preparation areas and somewhere to store your tools and utensils, and the whole thing is delivered virtually prebuilt, which means that you can start cooking almost straight away.

If you're looking for the best gas BBQ money can buy, and you want a host of features that many kitchens don't even have, then the Summit really is the pinnacle of back garden cooking.

Q Barbecues

Q barbecues can often be found in the portable section of the barbecue range, but only because of their size and convenience. They are compact, can be used on a table or bought with their own stand, and they can be hooked up to disposable gas canisters, all of which makes them an ideal choice for camping or caravanning holidays.

Despite the compact form of the Q, these are still powerful Weber gas BBQs. They include a hose and regulator as standard, and every Q barbecue comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Pack it up and take it on holiday with you, or use it as an ideal barbecue for two.

Weber Gas BBQ Accessories
At BBQWorld we don't just stock the best gas BBQs, we also offer a range of accessories and Weber gas BBQ spares. Even though Webers are built to last, leaving them untended in the garage for 9 months of the year, moving them from one location to another in the back of the car or caravan, or their continued use for 10 years or more can mean that you need to replace one or two parts over time. Buy replacements like new handles or regulators from BBQWorld to continue enjoying your Weber.

We also stock accessories like the Weber gas BBQ cover for your model. You can buy specific covers, each designed to fit snugly over the model it is intended for, allowing you to protect your investment through the winter months or simply when you aren't using it. Covering your barbecue helps protect it, and it means that cleaning the grill won't be such a big issue next time you come to use it.

Other accessories include cooking utensils and smokers, chips and planks, and even a Weber barbecue cook book that provides recipes and ideas for preparing the best outdoor feasts.
Shop with BBQWorld today and enjoy some of the best gas BBQ models on the market. Weber have been making barbecues for more than 60 years, and their experience shows in every model available. Enjoy competitive prices, free next day delivery on most orders, and you can even call into either of our Dawson's Department Stores to try out the barbecue before you buy, or to ask our team any questions you might have.
In addition to a variety of features, Weber has a built in safety mechanism that prevents large, spitting flames in the barbeque. The design blocks juices from hitting the fire by immediately vaporising them to create that authentic smoky BBQ flavour. This brand combines functionality and style. The steel and aluminium finishes ensure that the product is insulated to withstand high temperatures. In addition, its non-stick surface makes it a breeze to clean. BBQ World also provides you with replacement parts, and each item has its own warranty period. Our extensive list contains most Weber grill models, so contact us today and find your ideal one. Years of delicately seared, succulent food is simply one click away.

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