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Home 2 Burner Barbecues

2 Burner Barbecues

While a lot of home barbecuing cooks claim to prefer the authentic flavour generated from charcoal barbecues, it is possible to create authentic tasting food using a gas barbecue, and the convenience means that a lot of buyers prefer gas over charcoal as a cooking medium. The popularity of gas barbecues means that there are many different models to choose from, including 2 burner barbecues that are ideal when cooking for a small family, or even for a small number of guests. If you regularly cook for larger groups, or you host large parties with a lot of guests, then you may need something bigger than a 2 burner gas BBQ.

As well as selling a large range of gas barbecues, at BBQ World we also have a selection of accessories and equipment, including cooking utensils and even replacement parts, and we provide free delivery on orders over 50 as well as fast delivery to your UK address. Shop with confidence on our online store, call in to Dawson's Department Store to see the barbecues we have, or call and speak to one of the team that can help you choose the best available barbecue for your needs and budget.

2 Burner Barbecues

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Beefeater 900 Classic 2 Burner Gas BBQ EX-DISPLAY

In Stock - green tick
Now £150.00

RRP £349.99  Save 57%
Free Next Day Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Char Broil Convective 2 Burner Gas BBQ C-21G

In Stock - green tick
Now £224.10

RRP £279.00  Save 20%
Free Next Day Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Outback 2021 Combi Dual Fuel Charcoal and Gas BBQ - 2 Burner

In Stock - green tick
Now £389.00

RRP £549.00  Save 29%
£12.11 per month on finance
id:44010174 Quick View quick view
Weber Spirit II E-210 GBS Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £399.00

RRP £519.75  Save 23%
£12.42 per month on finance
id:R365PK1GB Quick View quick view
Napoleon Rogue R365 All Black Gas BBQ

Now £465.49

RRP £489.99  Save 5%
£14.49 per month on finance
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Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE Graphite 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Stand

In Stock - green tick
Now £499.00

RRP £649.00  Save 23%
£15.53 per month on finance
id:44000174 Quick View quick view
Weber Spirit II S-210 GBS Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £565.00

RRP £628.95  Save 10%
£17.59 per month on finance
id:HBG2MGB Quick View quick view
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE Mint 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Stand

In Stock - green tick
Now £599.00

RRP £649.00  Save 8%
£18.65 per month on finance
id:HBG2OGB Quick View quick view
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE Orange 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Stand

In Stock - green tick
Now £599.00

RRP £649.00  Save 8%
£18.65 per month on finance
id:46312274 Quick View quick view
Weber Spirit E-225 GBS Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £613.30

RRP £681.45  Save 10%
£19.09 per month on finance
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More On 2 Burner Barbecues

Lava Rocks, Ceramic Briquettes, Flavorizer Bars

In a gas barbecue, burners are used to create the heat while a dispersion system sits above them. Traditionally, the dispersion system would have consisted of ceramic briquettes or fake charcoal. While many makes and models still use similar dispersion systems, some modern barbecues use different techniques. Flavorizer bars and lava rocks are among the other options. While these perform the same function as ceramic coals, they tend to perform better at dispersing the heat and also from preventing fat drips from causing a flare up that can ruin the dishes that you prepare.

Heating Racks And Other Features

The type of heat dispersal system used in your 2 burner gas BBQ is only one of the features you need to consider. Additional features like a folding side table can greatly increase the convenience of the barbecue that you buy, while fat collectors and grease trays make cleaning the barbecue and maintaining it much easier. Unless you are shopping for a portable barbecue, you should consider a heating rack or multiple heating racks to be essential. These enable you to cook different foods and dishes at different speeds so that you can prepare and serve all of your food at the same time.

Barbecue Quality

Buying cheap barbecues can be a false economy. While you don't need to spend thousands to afford a good quality 2 burner gas BBQ, you should ensure that you buy a good-quality barbecue. Considering the treatment that barbecues tend to have to endure, the use of good quality materials that are well constructed is especially important. You can buy a 2 burner BBQ cover which helps protect against rain and other weather, and regularly cleaning the barbecue after use will help further prolong its life, but if you start with a barbecue made from sub-standard materials then it will quickly become damaged or broken.

2 Burner Gas Barbecue Models

At BBQ World we stock a wide range of gas barbecues, including 2 burner gas barbecues from well-known and highly respected manufacturers like Weber and Outback. Designed to last, and offering high quality grilling, you can buy some feature packed barbecues that are ideal for cooking for small families and groups.

Char Broil Convective C-21G 2 Burner

The Char Broil Convective C-21G 2 burner BBQ has a burner tent, stainless steel burners, and folding side tables that are perfect for storage both before and after you have prepared the food. The wheeled BBQ is easy to assemble, while the electronic ignition means that the barbecue is easy to light; you can start cooking almost as soon as you have lit the burners. The Convective C-21G also has a warming rack that can be swung out of the way when it isn't being used.

Weber Spirit Classic E210 Gas BBQ

Weber are one of the best-known and most popular names in barbecue manufacture, and with good reason. You receive a manufacturer's warranty, and the Weber Spirit Classic E210 2 burner gas BBQ is an icon in the gas BBQ world. The wheeled base makes the E210 easy to move around, making it convenient for storing when not in use, and all elements of the barbecue are made from durable and high quality materials, which means that it won't fall apart after a few uses.

The hood thermometer of this 2 burner gas BBQ means that you don't have to keep opening the lid to check cooking conditions, which can potentially ruin meat and other foods that you are preparing. Other features include a removable drip tray, Crossover Ignition System, and Flavorizer Bars that disperse heat and keep fat away from the burners.

Cadac BraaiMaxx 2 Burner BBQ

The Cadac BraaiMaxx is a large 2 burner gas BBQ. It is extremely tough and has two independent cooking zones that are powered by 5-jet turbo burners. These burners, along with the hooded design, mean that you can cook food at temperatures up to 300C, as well as being able to slow cook food at lower temperatures of around 100C. Two side shelves and a bamboo cutting board are among the additional features that make the BraaiMaxx such an outstanding 2 burner BBQ model.

5 interchangeable cooking surfaces are included with the BraaiMaxx - a Skottel, baking stone, paella pan, and wok mean that you can create a huge variety of meals and dishes on your new Cadac barbecue.

2 Burner Barbecue Accessories

As well as selling a large range of high quality barbecues, we also stock accessories like a 2 burner BBQ cover, cooking utensils, and even spare and replacement parts for the barbecue that you buy. While the likes of Cadac do create high quality barbecues that last years, you may still need to buy replacement parts, negating the need to buy a new barbecue.

Shop with BBQ World and you can enjoy access to 2 burner gas BBQ models from some of the best known manufacturers, and we also stock a large variety of accessories and equipment to further enhance your barbecue experience. Call us today to discuss your barbecue needs, buy from our secure online shop, or call in to Dawson's Department Store to find your next 2 burner BBQ.

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