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6 Burner Barbecues

If you are looking for a large barbecue that is perfect for huge families, or you regularly entertain large groups of people, then a 6 burner BBQ is ideal. This size of grill is regularly used by caterers and entertainers, and with advanced features like additional hot plates, rotisserie plates, and side burners, you can enjoy the ultimate in barbecuing experience.

As well as free standing units that can be moved out of the way when not in use, you can also buy built-in units that can be installed in an outdoor dining and food preparation area. You can also buy additional accessories and equipment, such as covers but also rotisseries and even pizza stones, that allow you to create even more advanced and more varied meals using just your new 6 burner BBQ.

6 Burner Barbecues

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Char-Broil Convective 640 Black XL Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £577.99

RRP £679.99  Save 15%
£17.99 per month on finance
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Beefeater Signature ProLine Series - 6 Burner with Removable Flat Lid Gas BBQ

Now £1,930.50

RRP £2,145.00  Save 10%
£60.10 per month on finance
id:997283IR Quick View quick view
Broil King Regal 690 IR Black Gas BBQ PLUS FREE COVER

In Stock - green tick
Now £2,849.00

RRP £2,999.95  Save 5%
£88.69 per month on finance
id:7370074 Quick View quick view
Weber Summit S-670 GBS Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £3,279.00

RRP £4,099.00  Save 20%
£102.08 per month on finance
id:997943 Quick View quick view
Broil King Regal S690 PRO IR Stainless Steel Gas BBQ PLUS FREE COVER

In Stock - green tick
Now £3,324.00

RRP £3,499.95  Save 5%
£103.48 per month on finance
id:18248CE Quick View quick view
Bull 7 Burner Premium Built In Gas BBQ (Propane)

Now £4,117.50

RRP £4,575.00  Save 10%
£128.18 per month on finance
id:28368 Quick View quick view
Bull 7 Burner Premium Cart Gas BBQ (Propane)

Now £5,040.00

RRP £5,600.00  Save 10%
£156.90 per month on finance
id:PRO825PSS3 Quick View quick view
Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 Propane Gas BBQ - INCLUDES COVER AND ROTISSERIE

In Stock - green tick
Now £5,699.99

RRP £5,999.99  Save 5%
£177.45 per month on finance
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At BBQ World we have a wide and varied selection of barbecues and barbecue accessories, including both built-in and freestanding 6 burner barbecues. We have accessories like covers and rotisseries, and we stock products from big-name manufacturers like Broil King and Weber. Whatever your grilling needs and requirements, we can meet them, and you can enjoy fast delivery to your home as well as free delivery on any orders over �50.


A rotisserie offers a simple and effective way of cooking meat. The rotisserie turns while holding the meat at a certain point above the heat. This prevents the outside of the meat from burning or drying out, while also ensuring that all of the joint gets cooked. Typically, a rotisserie is used to cook chickens and other birds, but can be used to cook other cuts of meat too. If you enjoy cooking meat, and want to ensure that you get the best results, then you should look for a 6 burner gas BBQ with rotisserie.

Hot Plate

A hot plate can be used for preparing fish, cooking tepanyaki, or even for frying eggs, and having a 6 burner gas BBQ with hot plate considerably extends the range of foods and dishes that you can prepare on your BBQ. With some models, it is possible to add a hot plate to the top of the existing cooking surface, while some models of 6 burner BBQ have their own dedicated hot plate section so there is no need to add or remove any parts.

Side Burner

Side burners are small burners that offer concentrated but typically quite low heat. They are most commonly used for warming sauces and gravy and they are commonly found in larger 5 and 6 burner BBQ models. A 6 burner BBQ with side burner is especially well suited to those cooks that enjoy creating a varied range of dishes that includes side dishes and sauces, and it can negate the need to have to keep preparing sides in the kitchen.

Additional Features

As well as side burners, hot plates, and rotisseries, there is a huge selection of extra and additional features to choose from when you buy a 6 burner BBQ. Features like infrared burners, storage areas, and wheels to improve mobility are just some of the extra features that you can look for. You should consider the features that you want and then ensure that the barbecue you buy has those features.

6 Burner BBQ Models

At BBQ World we stock a large selection of 6 burner BBQ models, including 6 burner gas BBQs with hot plates, rotisseries, and side burners. We offer barbecues from companies like Weber and Broil King, and we also have a large selection of both built-in units and freestanding barbecues. As well as the barbecues themselves, including both gas and charcoal, we also stock a large selection of 6 burner barbecue accessories. Buy the tools and utensils, the cooking accessories, and any other equipment you need from BBQ World.

Outback Party 6 Burner Flatbed Gas BBQ

The Outback Party 6 Burner gas BBQ has been designed primarily for use by caterers and hospitality managers. It can cook huge volumes of food in one go, and it has all of the advanced features that are needed to ensure that the cook can produce great tasting and quality food. It has two foldable side tables and Piezo ignition. The Outback Party is a 6 burner Lava Rock gas BBQ, meaning that fat from the food will drip away from the burners, preventing flare-ups and enabling you to uniformly cook the food on the barbecue.

Broil King Imperial XLS

The Broil King Imperial XLS is another huge 6 burner gas barbecue. It features two thermometers for accurate cooking, it has a side burner and rotisserie kit, enabling you to cook a great variety of different foods and dishes, and it has side shelves and pull out drawers that allow you to store utensils and equipment out of the way while they are not in use. If you cook for large groups of people, or you barbecue every day, then this is the perfect choice for your grilling needs.

Weber Summit S670 6 Burner BBQ

Weber is one of the most highly respected names in the barbecue world, and the Summit S670 6 burner BBQ is one of the largest and most advanced grills that they manufacture. It features a tuck away rotisserie for better poultry cooking, as well as a lid thermometer to allow for accurate temperature checking. There is also a sear station which can be used to cook steaks and other pieces of meat, because it delivers higher temperatures which are ideal for the cooking of steaks and other cuts of meat.

6 Burner Barbecues From BBQ World

BBQ World is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We hold a large selection of 6 burner BBQs, accessories, and the equipment that you need in order to be able to grill better food. Buy online through our secure website, call for assistance in choosing the right barbecue and accessories for your grilling needs, or call in and take a look at the stock that we hold.

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