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Barbecue Poultry Roasters


Barbecue Poultry Roasters

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Outback Chicken Drumstick Holder

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Broil King Premium Chicken Roaster

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Now £16.16

RRP £17.95  Save 10%
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Kamado Joe Chicken Stand - for all models

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Now £17.90

RRP £17.90
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Weber Poultry Roaster

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Now £18.23

RRP £23.29  Save 22%
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Campingaz Culinary Modular Poultry Roaster

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Now £19.99

RRP £22.99  Save 13%
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Monolith Vertical Chicken Roaster and Veggie Tray

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Now £32.11

RRP £34.90  Save 8%
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Napoleon Multifunctional Rib and Beer Can Chicken Roaster

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Now £37.99

RRP £39.99  Save 5%
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Traeger Rib Rack

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Now £39.99

RRP £39.99
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Broil King Premium Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster with Pan

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Now £49.35

RRP £51.95  Save 5%
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Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster

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Now £49.49

RRP £54.99  Save 10%
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Napoleon Windshield Sizzle Zone - 2 Tile

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Now £63.64

RRP £66.99  Save 5%
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Weber GBS Poultry Roaster Insert

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Now £69.99

RRP £77.99  Save 10%
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More About Barbecue BBQ Poultry Roasters

People are increasingly keen to experiment with their barbeques and the internet craze for 'Beer Can' chicken has inspired the BBQ poultry roaster! Weber make a roaster which will hold a beer can if you want to try this fun technique, but there are a number of different models to choose from. The Beer Can Chicken craze may have become popular online, but the technique of steaming your chicken with a richly flavoured liquid is a very traditional one.

Poultry roasters allow you to place a chicken upright inside your barbeque oven cavity, allowing the juices to flow out and into the container at the base. You can add red or white wine, beer or just lemon juice to the bottom of the roaster to flavour the chicken. You can also cook vegetables in the juices that run off. A long slow roast in a BBQ chicken roaster will give your guests a great alternative to grilled chicken. Those who like very tender, flavoured chicken will particularly enjoy this technique, as the meat becomes infused with flavour, remains incredibly moist and tastes absolutely delicious.

We carry a wide range of premium brand poultry roasting products. They make a great gift are a novel way to try something new on the barbeque this summer.

The popularity of beer can chicken has seen an increasing number of people preparing chicken on their barbecue, but results can be mixed, at best. Cooking a full chicken requires that you cook it at lower temperatures and for longer, while avoiding flare-ups and ensuring that the meat is cooked thoroughly throughout.

However, the effort is worth it because if you can get it just right, the chicken will be tender and juicy, with the meat falling off the bone. You can pick the meat off, offer legs and wings, and if you apply a baste or mop sauce, you can create some truly unique and memorable dishes that will become the talk of the family barbecue. A poultry roaster offers a more uniform grilled chicken cooking experience, and it will last longer than the single use you get from a beer can.

Once you've used a poultry roaster and cooked chicken or other poultry on your barbecue, you won't look back. If you do want to try beer can chicken, you can even buy a Weber poultry roaster that is designed to hold a beer can, so you can enjoy stability when using this fun food preparation technique.

BBQ World Poultry Roasters

At BBQ World we love the taste of grilled chicken. The skin crisps up beautifully, while the meat is tender and flavoursome. Add a sauce and you can offer Chinese and other chicken dishes that you wouldn't normally be able to produce, and with a poultry roaster, you can get the same great tasting and great looking results every time you cook a chicken in your favourite grill.

We have poultry roasters from major manufacturers including Napoleon, Outback, Weber, and more. We offer competitive prices throughout the year, and you will find a lot of our products are on sale and discounted regularly so you can enjoy even better prices whenever you shop with us.

What's more, if you spend more than £50 on your order, we will deliver your items completely free of charge to your UK address, offering you even greater value for money. Buy now and you could be preparing great tasting grilled chicken in just a few days.


Weber is probably the biggest barbecue brand there is. The company's kettle barbecues that we know today were first created in 1952, when George Stephen Sr came up with the idea of a dome shaped grill with lid. He used a metal buoy, which was cut in half, and created what would become known as the kettle barbecue. Many other companies have followed suit, with similar designs, ever since, but when you buy a Weber barbecue, you know that you are buying into the original concept of the design.

While Weber may have been responsible for inventing the first kettle barbecue, they have improved and expanded on their designs. Today, you can buy both charcoal and gas barbecues, and a range of other designs and styles of grill to match your cooking and entertaining preferences.

Weber also produces a huge array of accessories and other items for the home barbecue cook. This includes a selection of poultry roasters that enable you to conveniently and easily prepare great tasting grilled chicken and other poultry dishes. One Weber model even allows you to add a beer can so that you can prepare the now popular beer can chicken dish.


Outback is a UK manufacturer, established in 1979 and that now manufactures great looking, as well as effective and efficient, barbecues. If you are serious about your outdoor barbecue experience, then Outback is a name that you should be familiar with. Their barbecues are very high quality and they are designed to last as well as to provide you with exceptional cooking results. Like Weber, they also manufacture a host of accessories that are designed to improve, expand, and simplify the cooking experience.


The name Napoleon is perhaps better recognised as a manufacturer of outdoor kitchens. Their barbecue range includes built-in grills, as well as free-standing multiple burner gas barbecues, but they do also do a range of portable and durable barbecues that can be taken on holiday or round to a friend's house when you are preparing an afternoon in the sun. Their infrared gas barbecues are used by professionals as well as amateur home cooks. They also sell accessories like probe thermometers and accessories that are designed to make your life easier. Their poultry roasters are one such example.

Poultry Roasters

Grilled food has a unique and memorable taste. Meat cooked on the grill has a distinctive smoky flavour that is almost impossible to replicate in the kitchen. It is also possible to prepare amazing vegetables and even desserts, but while you can struggle through and cook a whole chicken on the barbecue griddle, it takes a lot of effort to get the cooking temperature just right and to avoid the flare ups that are commonplace when barbecuing.

When preparing something like a chicken, that takes several hours to cook, it is especially difficult to manage temperature and ensure that the bird is in the right position to cook evenly, and this is where a poultry roaster will improve your experience. It enables you to stand the meat up while it cooks, allows some of the juices to run off so is the healthier alternative to oven cooking, and it allows the skin to crisp up over the heat while ensuring that the meat itself is tender and tasty.

Drumstick Holders

You will also find other poultry cooking accessories like drumstick holders. A drumstick holder is basically a small rack with holes for the bone end of the drumstick. Again, the benefit of this type of accessory is that it removes the meat from direct flame and enables you to cook the meat through easily and conveniently without burning the outside, although you will obviously still need to prepare the chicken well.

Combined Poultry Roasters

As well as poultry roasters that offer somewhere to cook your chicken, there are models that combine the features of a poultry roaster with the benefits of other cooking accessories. For example, you can buy a combined poultry roaster and wok. This makes it easy to cook your chicken while also preparing stir fried vegetables, all from the barbecue.

Modular Roasters

Some of the poultry roasters on this page are designed for use on specific makes and models of barbecue. These modular pieces either replace the existing griddle or are designed to be added to your current barbecue setup. Where one of these is available, you should consider these first, because they will be designed in such a way that they fit perfectly on your barbecue, and the modular design means that you will be able to incorporate additional items and accessories to your grilling experience.

Buy Poultry Roasters From BBQ World

Chicken roasters are a great addition to your outdoor cooking experience. They are easy to install, keep your chicken away from the open flames of the barbecue, and they allows you to enjoy the smoky taste that you get from the grill without ruining the meat. Whether you have ever tried to make beer can chicken, or you are new to barbecuing chicken and other poultry, you will enjoy a great experience when you try a roaster.

Many manufacturers, including Weber and Outback, make a host of accessories to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Buy poultry roasters and more to create a great outdoor dining banquet.

BBQ World is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. Call us with any questions about the poultry roasters we offer, call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can see our full range of homeware, kitchenware, and gardenware, or order online using our secure ordering system. If you spend more than �50, we will deliver your order free to your UK address.

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