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Heat Beads Barbecue Fuel Range

Heat Bead Charcoal One of the biggest problems faced by the home barbecue cook is the lack of uniformity and consistency in cooking. Whether you use briquettes or lumpwood, there is still a large degree of inconsistency in cooking temperature, and a big difference in quality between these different styles of fuel. However, a less common fuel type, heat beads, offer more consistent cooking temperatures.

The beads have been heated at extremely high temperatures which gets rid of inconsistencies and leaves a high quality carbon. This material not only burns more consistently, but it burns for a lot longer than any other type of charcoal. For those that want a consistent and long burn time, Australian heat beads are the best solution. They cook at lower temperatures, which affords you the opportunity to slow cook food; ideal for preparing larger cuts of meat, as well as for preparing steaks and ensuring that burgers are cooked through. You can even reuse heat beads that are left over; simply leave them in the barbecue and top them up when you next come to cook outdoors.


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Australian Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes - 10kg Bag

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Heat Beads BBQ Grill Soaker

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Australian Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes - 4kg Bag

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Nature BBQ Turbo Flex Windproof Lighter

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Heat Beads Refillable Gas Lighter

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More About HEAT BEADS Barbecue FUEL

As well as selling barbecues and barbecue accessories, at BBQWorld we also stock a large selection of fuel products, charcoal, and more. Heat beads are more expensive to buy than lumpwood or charcoal, but their longevity and quality means that they offer much better value for money than other heat sources. If you spend more than �50 on your order, we will deliver your items free of charge to your UK address. Alternatively, you can call and speak to one of the team with any questions you have about heat beads or any other items on the site, or call in to Dawson's Department Store, where you can view our entire collection of barbecues, grills, accessories, and more.

How Are Heat Beads Made?

Different types of charcoal burn at different temperatures. Similarly, different types of charcoal give different levels of smoke, which directly affect the quality and taste of the food that you prepare.

Lump charcoal is made by burning wood at high temperatures. It contains all of the sap and other by-products and may contain some dirt and debris too. Lump charcoal has long been the preferred heat medium for barbecues, but not since heat beads have been introduced. They light easier than briquettes and they burn hotter. They also produce less ash than briquettes, making maintenance of your grill a little easier.

Briquettes are made from wood by-products combined with additives that are designed to make them light easier and burn for longer. However, they still do not burn as well as lumpwood charcoal, and the additives can give your barbecue a chemical smell. If you don't leave the charcoal to burn long enough before cooking, this can transfer to the flavour of your food, but because briquettes burn quickly, leaving them too long means that you won't have enough heat to prepare your food on.

Heat beads briquettes are manufactured by crushing and burning charcoal before grinding it. A natural starch is added to the material in order to bind it together, and it is then pressed into small briquettes. They offer a purer form of carbon, which is what gives them the many cooking benefits they offer.

These benefits include:

Lower Temperatures

Australian heat beads burn at lower temperatures than other types of charcoal. This makes it possible to sear steaks, and it also makes heat beads the best option for cooking large cuts of meat. Slow cooking enables you to make juicier and more tender meat dishes. It also means that you can ensure that the whole cut is cooked properly, inside and out, without burning the outside of the food, which is a common problem when barbecuing, especially if you use lower quality charcoal.

Uniform Cooking Temperature

One of the biggest problems faced by the home barbecue cook is finding the balance between ensuring that food is cooked through, without burning the outside of the food. Part of the problem is resolved with slower and lower temperature cooking, but another major problem for the home griller is that the impurities found in lumpwood and standard briquettes can contribute to flare-ups and result in an uneven cooking temperature.

You might have hot spots and cold spots, making it very difficult to safely prepare great tasting food. The temperature at which heat beads are first burned means that there are no impurities. Materials like sap and dirt are burned off during the manufacturing process, and you're left with a cooking medium that is easier to manage and offers greater results.

Economical Charcoal Cooking

Heat beads do cost more than lumpwood and briquettes, but they represent the best value for money. They burn for longer, provide better quality cooking conditions, and any left over beads can be reused next time you get the barbecue going. You won't have to buy as many bags, or as often, and you won't find the impossibly small pieces that you can sometimes unearth in bags of lump charcoal. This means that they really do represent economical cooking whenever you have a barbecue.


Another benefit of the heat beads is that they are reusable. Once you have finished cooking on the grill, you can be left with extra briquettes or lump charcoal. This usually has to be disposed of, before cleaning, but with heat beads this isn't necessary. Leave them in the barbecue, cover the grill, and simply top them up next time you want to cook. Considering how long the beads burn for, you will often find that you are left with some unused fuel and this enables you to save money and buy less fuel.

Better Tasting Than Gas

One of the reasons that charcoal barbecues are so popular is because of the authentic taste that they offer, especially when compared to gas barbecues. No matter how many smoking chips and chimneys you use, it is almost impossible to replicate the authentic taste of a traditional, charcoal barbecue, but gas does offer a more uniform cooking environment.

Heat beads offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the uniformity of cooking on gas, avoiding unevenly cooked foods, and also enjoy the authenticity of the charcoal smoked flavours. Whatever you're cooking, whether it's corn on the cob or steak, the grilled flavour is second to none, and heat beads really do allow you to take full advantage of that.

Buy Heat Beads From BBQ World

Austrlian heat beads are effective and great quality. They offer more consistent cooking and better results than lumpwood and charcoal briquettes. You will be surprised at the difference, and because they are essentially reusable, it means that you can enjoy more barbecue for your money.

BBQWorld is the official website of Dawson's Department Store, selling barbecues, grills, and a hsot of accessories. Buy everything you need from respected manufacturers like Weber and Outback. Buy covers to protect your barbecue, as well as essentials like charcoal, lumpwood and, of course, heat beads. We ensure our prices are competitive and we regularly have discounts and sales, providing you with even better prices on the high-quality products that we sell. Browse the site, buy using our secure online system, or feel free to call us or call in and see every item we have on offer, including homeware, bed linen, and our gardenware range. Don't forget, if you spend more than �50, we will include free delivery on your order, to your UK address.

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