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5 Burner Barbecues

The 5 burner BBQ is one of the biggest models of gas barbecue available. They are best suited to very large families, or for those that frequently entertain for large groups of people. Their size, and the additional and advanced features that they typically incorporate, mean that these models can be expensive, but they also allow you to convert your patio or decking area into a true outdoor living space. Combine a built-in 5 burner BBQ with fitted outdoor units, and you can create a space that is not only suitable for preparing and cooking food but for serving and for eating too.

Built in units need to be completely weatherproof, and you also need to ensure that they are fitted properly in order to ensure that you are not creating a fire hazard. When buying a 5 burner gas BBQ you can also consider additional features like side burners and searing zones, storage areas for utensils and tools, and large weatherproof covers to help provide total protection for your barbecue against the elements.

5 Burner Barbecues

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Pit Boss PB5BGD2 Ultimate Griddle Plancha - 5 Burner

Now £749.25

RRP £999.00  Save 25%
£23.32 per month on finance
id:RXT625PSS1 Quick View quick view
Napoleon Rogue RXT625SIB Stainless Steel Gas BBQ PLUS FREE COVER

In Stock - green tick
Now £1,226.24

RRP £1,634.99  Save 25%
£38.17 per month on finance
id:876283 Quick View quick view
Broil King Baron 590 IR Black Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £1,529.00

RRP £1,699.95  Save 10%
£47.60 per month on finance
id:876983 Quick View quick view
Broil King Baron S590 IR Stainless Steel Gas BBQ PLUS FREE COVER

Now £1,619.95

RRP £1,799.95  Save 10%
£50.43 per month on finance
id:886153 Quick View quick view
Broil King Regal S510 Commercial Stainless Steel Gas BBQ PLUS FREE COVER

In Stock - green tick
Now £1,874.96

RRP £2,499.95  Save 25%
£58.37 per month on finance
id:P665PSS3 Quick View quick view
Napoleon Prestige P665 Stainless Steel Gas BBQ - INCLUDES COVER AND ROTISSERIE

Now £2,024.99

RRP £2,699.99  Save 25%
£63.04 per month on finance
id:998943 Quick View quick view
Broil King Regal S590 PRO IR Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Now £2,249.95

RRP £2,499.95  Save 10%
£70.04 per month on finance
id:PRO665PSS3 Quick View quick view
Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Propane Gas BBQ - INCLUDES COVER AND ROTISSERIE

In Stock - green tick
Now £3,262.49

RRP £4,349.99  Save 25%
£101.56 per month on finance
id:55000 Quick View quick view
Bull Brahma Cart Gas BBQ (Propane)

Now £4,540.50

RRP £5,045.00  Save 10%
£141.35 per month on finance
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BBQ World is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We sell a large selection of barbecues, and we have stock from some of the best names in the world of barbecuing. Whether you want a compact and portable Weber, or a huge Napoleon 5 burner, and whether you want the additional accessories like BBQ covers and cooking utensils, we have everything that you need.

Heating Method

As well as choosing a barbecue with 5 burners, you can choose the style of heat dispersal that your barbecue benefits from. If you choose a barbecue with ceramic coals, try to ensure that it uses some technique to prevent the fat that naturally drips from food, from landing on the gas burners or too close to them. This not only makes it more difficult to clean the barbecue when you're finished but it can lead to flare-up, which makes it more difficult to accurately and uniformly cook the meat.

Warming Racks And Side Burners

Among the additional features that you can find on a 5 burner BBQ are warming racks and side burners. These are additional cooking and food preparation areas, that you receive as well as the main burners. A warming rack is used for keeping food warm once it has finished cooking, and it enables you to cook different foods at different speeds without having to time everything perfectly.

Side burners tend to be smaller than the main burners and are most commonly used for warming through sauces and other side dishes. Searing zones are also found on some larger BBQ models. These offer much higher temperature than the main burner which makes them suitable for searing steaks and other foods that need this high temperature.

Extra Features

Other features that you might find include storage space under the main barbecue section. Although the gas bottle is usually located here, some 5 burner BBQ models have additional space that is especially useful for storing items like utensils and other accessories when you don't need to use them.

Freestanding And Built-In Barbecues

Built-in barbecues can be used to create an outdoor kitchen. They are usually combined with food preparation units and even storage units, and are placed on the patio or decking area, next to the table and chairs where family and guests will sit to eat. Built in units tend to offer more space and greater features, but freestanding units may come with wheels that make them easier to move and can even enable you to store them away when not in use. The size of a 5 burner BBQ means that storage will require a large area, however.

5 Burner BBQ Models

At BBQ World we have a great selection of both built-in and freestanding 5 burner gas BBQ models from the likes of Broil King and Napoleon. Choose according to the features you want, the heating style, and even the amount of storage room that they offer, to ensure that you buy a suitable barbecue that meets all of your requirements.

Broil King Baron 590

The Broil king Baron 590 is a large and powerful barbecue. It has 5 stainless steel burners and a porcelain coated warming rack. It also has an electronic ignition system and drop down side shelves. The control panel offers advanced control features, and the whole barbecue is made from high quality and durable materials, which means that your new Broil King Baron 590 5 burner BBQ will be weather resistant and rust resistant.

Napoleon Lex 485 RSBI 5 Burner Gas BBQ

The Napoleon Lex 485 has three main burners, a rotisserie burner, and a side burner. The rotisserie isn't included in the purchase, so needs to be purchased separately, but offers an ideal and convenient way to prepare meat while you use the rest of the barbecue to cook other dishes and foods. The barbecue can fit as many as 24 burgers, which makes this the ideal 5 burner barbecue when you are entertaining large groups of people.

5 Burner BBQ Accessories

As well as ensuring that you buy the best 5 burner BBQ for your requirements, you should also ensure that you have the tools, utensils, and other accessories that you need in order to be able to reliably prepare the food that you want every time. Buy a cover to protect your BBQ from the rain, buy the utensils you need in order to safely and reliably prepare food, and you can even buy wood chips and logs that you can burn in order to replicate the authentic, smoky flavour that people enjoy with a charcoal barbecue.

BBQ World Gas Barbecues

BBQ World is the official site of Dawson's Department Store and we have a large selection of high quality BBQs, utensils, tools, and accessories to help ensure that you enjoy the barbecuing experience. Buy today and receive free shipping on all orders over �50, have your items delivered directly to your door anywhere in the UK, and access 5 burner gas BBQs from well-known manufacturers.

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