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Home Weber Barbecues Weber Charcoal Barbecues

Weber Charcoal BBQ

weber charcoal bbq All Weber charcoal barbecues are supplied with a limited 10 year warranty, so you can buy your charcoal BBQ with absolute confidence. Charcoal barbecues from Weber are both stylish and functional. They are designed to look good, barbecue your food to perfection and, most importantly, are built to last.

The expert design and simple construction means that very little can go wrong with your Weber charcoal grill. With our comprehensive range, there is sure to be a Weber charcoal barbecue for you. This includes products ranging from small portable charcoal barbecues (designed for picnics and dinners for two) and the best selling Weber Original Kettle up to the large Performer (with gas lighting system).


Weber Charcoal Barbecues

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Weber Smokey Joe Original Black Charcoal BBQ 1111004

In Stock - green tick
Price £49.99

RRP £78.74  Save 37%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Smokey Joe Premium Ivory Charcoal BBQ 1125004

In Stock - green tick
Price £64.99

RRP £89.24  Save 27%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal BBQ Black - 47cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £69.99

RRP £104.99  Save 33%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal BBQ Black - 57cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £119.00

RRP £154.34  Save 23%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Original Kettle E-4710 Charcoal BBQ - 47cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £145.00

RRP £197.39  Save 27%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Original Kettle E-5710 Charcoal BBQ - 57cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £149.00

RRP £229.95  Save 35%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Original Kettle E-5730 Charcoal BBQ - 57cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £220.00

RRP £278.25  Save 21%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm Black BBQ and Cover

In Stock - green tick
Price £299.99

RRP £362.25  Save 17%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 57 cm 17401004

In Stock - green tick
Price £329.00

RRP £414.75  Save 21%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm Black BBQ and Cover

In Stock - green tick
Price £373.27

RRP £414.75  Save 10%
£11.62 per month on finance
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Weber Performer GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £399.00

RRP £439.95  Save 9%
£12.42 per month on finance
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Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ - 57 cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £575.00

RRP £660.45  Save 13%
£17.90 per month on finance
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Weber Summit Kamado S6 Charcoal Grill Centre

In Stock - green tick
Price £1,699.00

RRP £1,888.95  Save 10%
£52.89 per month on finance

Weber Charcoal BBQ Videos

Top Selling Charcoal Barbecue Accessories

Weber Lumpwood Charcoal - 5kg
Weber Lumpwood Charcoal - 5kg

Price £9.49

RRP £9.99  Save 5%
The Weber Lump Charcoal 5kg is a fast lighting lumpwood charcoal with a burn tim...[more]

Weber Lighter Cubes - Paraffin - 22 Pieces
Weber Lighter Cubes - Paraffin - 22 Pieces

Price £3.65

RRP £3.87  Save 6%
Weber Lighter Cubes - Paraffin provide a fast, ash-free, and environmentally s...[more]

Weber Grill Brush - Bamboo Handle 30cm
Weber Grill Brush - Bamboo Handle 30cm

Price £7.49

RRP £8.18  Save 8%
Food build up means that greasy grates will eventually suffer from uneven heat d...[more]

Weber Barbecue Mitt
Weber Barbecue Mitt

Price £12.59

RRP £15.74  Save 20%
This 6472 Weber Barbecue Mitt is a reliably protective must for safe grilling a...[more]

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter
Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Price £22.65

RRP £25.19  Save 10%
The Weber® Rapidfire™ Chimney Starter is true real must have for any charcoal ba...[more]

More on Weber Charcoal BBQs

The best selling charcoal BBQ from Weber is the Weber One Touch Original 57cm charcoal grill. The Weber One Touch range is available in three sizes: 47cm, 57cm and 67cm. The dimensions refer to the diameter of the BBQ kettle itself, while the term One-Touch refers to the cleaning system that makes cleaning these Weber charcoal grills so simple.

Weber charcoal barbecues allow you to become a master at controlling temperature and cooking times in all kinds of weather. Weber grills don't have cooking grates that move up and down (these don't really allow for a significant change in temperature), but rather employ a combination of cooking with the lid on and indirect cooking, as this allows you to attain the perfect result regardless of what you BBQ.

As with all of Weber's charcoal barbecues, the lid and bowl are made from high quality American steel with a porcelain enamelled coating. This is not just black paint, but rather a powder coating which is fired onto the steel at approx 800°C to give your Weber BBQ a shiny black coating. More recently, Weber BBQ's have been made available in a number of different colours as trends change, but the principle of the Weber barbecue remains the same. As it is sturdy enough to handle all types of weather conditions, a Weber charcoal BBQ allows you to enjoy barbecuing all kinds of food, all year round.

At BBQWorld we offer a selection of Weber charcoal BBQ models. Made from high grade American steel and powder coated to ensure that your barbecue doesn't rust or become damaged by the weather, Weber charcoal grills are chosen because of their durability and also because of the quality of the grilling that they offer.

We also stock Weber charcoal barbecue parts and accessories, allowing you to enhance your grilling experience or to make cleaning and storing your BBQ easier. As well as the traditional kettle barbecue style, there are innovative smokers that allow for tastier cooking of meat joints and other dishes, and premium models that offer additional preparation space and cooking zones.

Porcelain Enamel

All of the parts and components of Weber charcoal barbecue models are made from durable and high quality materials. The American steel is weatherproof, while sliders and other components are made from rust resistant materials.

While your Weber will come with its own cover, the rust resistant materials are important because they prevent rusting that can occur if moisture of any sort gets onto the barbecue. Whether you clean the grill and store it without drying properly, or even if you leave the barbecue in a humid area while storing it, damage can occur. The powder coated porcelain enamel helps prevent this from happening so that your Weber charcoal barbecue will last longer.

Thermometers And Cleaning Systems

Depending on the model of Weber charcoal BBQ you invest in, you can enjoy a variety of different features.

A hood thermometer displays the temperature inside the closed barbecue. This means that you can wait to start cooking until the barbecue reaches the required temperature. It also enables you to check that you are cooking chicken, steak, and other meats at a high enough temperature to kill off bacteria, but at a suitable temperature to cook the meat right through.

The One Touch cleaning system makes it easier to maintain your Weber charcoal barbecue. Cleaning your grill is important because it prevents dirt and debris from causing long-term damage, and it also means that you will have less preparation time when you next want to enjoy a barbecue. The One Touch system uses blades to scrape dirt and debris off, so that you can clear away the excess and then simply wipe the ash and debris away.

The removable ash pan makes it even easier to clear out the barbecue once finished. Remove the pan, empty the ash, and you will be good to start barbecuing again without any unnecessary build-up of ash.

Other Weber BBQ Features

Weber charcoal barbecues include a number of intelligent design features. The bowl handles double as tool hooks for the safe and easy storage of cooking utensils, while a tuck away lid holder on models like the Weber charcoal kettle BBQ offer even greater convenience even while you're cooking on the barbecue.

Original Kettle

The original Weber Kettle charcoal BBQ is designed with a larger lid, which allows for the placement and cooking of larger joints of meat. You don't need to leave the lid open when cooking, which means that you can cook entire joints using an indirect cooking method.

Indirect barbecuing means that you don't place the meat directly over the heat of the coals. Instead, the joint is cooked using the indirect heat, created by closing the lid of the barbecue, and this allows you to cook more tender meat. Cooking in this way also means that the fat and juices from your meat don't drip onto the coals, which can cause unwanted flare-ups during the barbecuing process. The original kettle Weber charcoal BBQ is ideal for this method of cooking thanks to the extra lid height and also the lid thermometer.

Weber Smokey Mountain

The Weber Smokey Mountain is a unique style of barbecue. The smoker allows for the slow cooking of meat. Fill the bottom with charcoal, light it, and leave meat to slow cook for longer periods of time. A lid mounted thermometer and porcelain enamelled steel design mean that you can accurately monitor and control the temperature, without the worry that you will leave scorch and burn marks behind on the ground where you were cooking. The powder coated enamel also means that it is more difficult to damage or destroy the barbecue.

Weber Charcoal Grill Accessories

At BBQWorld we also have a great selection of beneficial and functional Weber charcoal grill accessories. Buy a heavy duty hood to give your Weber charcoal grill all the protection it needs, even in winter and even if you are forced to store your grill outside.

Buy utensils and cooking tools to help ensure you have everything you need, and we also stock Weber charcoal and fire logs to make starting and maintaining your barbecue heat even easier. Meat probe thermometers allow you to safely cook meat, ensuring that your joints have reached the desired internal temperature. This enables you to avoid serving food that hasn't been cooked fully.

Weber Charcoal Grill Parts

You can also buy replacement Weber charcoal BBQ parts, such as lid handles and thermometers. If you have a gas barbecue, then we can provide replacement regulators and other parts too, so don't be afraid to contact us and ask about your model of barbecue and whether we have the parts that you need.

The BBQWorld Weber Charcoal BBQ Range

Weber are renowned for their manufacture and supply of high quality barbecues, including both gas and charcoal models. Designed to last, and with features to improve the cooking experience, you can enjoy great tasting food and a more convenient barbecue experience when you invest in a Weber. What's more, you also receive a manufacturer's limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind and great quality.

BBQWorld is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We have a large stock of Weber charcoal BBQs, including kettle barbecues and smokers. We also have replacement parts, grilling accessories, and replacement covers. Whatever your barbecuing and grilling needs, we can supply the products to match.

Weber Charcoal BBQ Reviews

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