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Weber Woodchips & Smoking Accessories

Add extra flavour to your barbecues with Weber's range of woodchips, smoking papers and grilling chunks. Available in a variety of different woods suitable for smoking fish or meat. All woodchips and chunks need to be soaked for at least an hour in water prior to use, even longer if possible. Place the food on the plank or wrap in the papers with woodchips these can be placed in a smoker box or directly on the coals with a charcoal bbq. As the wood heats the water will create steam which will impart a great bbq taste into your food.

Weber Woodchips, Chunks and Smoking Accessories

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Weber Apple Wood Chips - 0.7kg

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Price £7.37

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Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Beech Wood Chips - 0.7kg

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Price £7.37

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Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Hickory Wood Chips - 0.7kg

In Stock - green tick
Price £7.37

RRP £8.19  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Beef Wood Chips - 0.7kg

In Stock - green tick
Price £7.37

RRP £8.19  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Pork Wood Chips - 0.7kg

In Stock - green tick
Price £7.37

RRP £8.19  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Seafood Wood Chips - 0.7kg

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Price £7.37

RRP £8.19  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Hickory Wood Chunks -1.5kg

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Price £9.71

RRP £10.79  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Universal Smoker Box - Fits all BBQs

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Price £30.49

RRP £34.29  Save 11%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Woodchips & Smoking

Weber woodchips enable you to take your outdoor grilling to a whole new level. They add a unique flavour that can't be replicated even on a charcoal barbecue, and certainly not when grilling on gas. You can use a built in smoker box, if there is one in your chosen barbecue, or you can buy a universal smoker box. It is possible to just use tin foil but this is more difficult than using a box, will produce less than perfect results, and is really only advised as a means of testing whether you appreciate the smoked food taste.

There are different flavours of woodchip to choose from, some with stronger and some with a mild taste, and there is a choice of chips, chunks, and wood papers to choose from.

At BBQWorld, we have a wide selection of Weber woodchips, wood chunks, and wood paper. We also stock the Universal Smokerbox from Weber, offering competitive prices on everything you need in order to enjoy smoked food. What's more, we also offer free delivery on all orders over ïż½50.

Buy directly from the BBQWorld website using our secure online shopping environment, call us with any questions you have about the products that we offer, or call in to Dawson's Department Store in Clitheroe to see all of our homeware and gardenware products.

About Weber

Weber launched its first barbecue range in 1952 and they have become one of the biggest and most widely celebrated names in the industry since then. Since the first kettle barbecue was launched in Chicago, the company has gone on to produce an expansive range of barbecues including charcoal and gas grills, and they also supply tools, accessories, and other barbecue related items.

At BBQWorld we love Weber barbecues and accessories because of their durability and range of features. Whether you want a basic kettle barbecue, that still offers good quality cooking and a long life, or you want accessories like Weber woodchips, you can enjoy access to high quality and appealing products. Choose from a range of woodchips, wood chunks, and wood papers, which can even be used on an open barbecue to give you the same smoked flavour as you would enjoy from a closed barbecue.

When buying chips or chunks for your smoker, do check the instructions for the smokerbox. Some are designed only for use with woodchips so buying chunks would not produce the results you're looking for.


Weber woodchips are small pieces of wood that are added to the barbecue. Each chip gives a small burst of smoke that gets into the meat and food that you're preparing. A lot of people choose to soak chips in water so that they will burn for longer, but with less intense smoke. Other people prefer the intense smoke that is provided by dry wood chips. Yet more people use a combination of soaked woodchips and dry, so that the dry chips provide smoke while the soaked chips give off smoker over a longer period of time.

If you do intend to soak your woodchips before use, they will need to be soaked for an absolute minimum of half an hour, preferably an hour or more. Weber recommend soaking for a minimum of an hour before use.

Weber woodchips come in a range of flavours, affecting the intensity, strength, and, of course, flavour of the smoke that is given off.

Whisky oak woodchips give a strong and intense, sour flavour. They are made from retired oak whisky barrels and offer a distinctive flavour. This type of woodchip is most commonly paired with pork and poultry.

Pecan woodchips give a mild and nutty flavour and, as well as being used to give flavour to pork and poultry, they are also used for beef and can even be used to give a smoked flavour to baked goods.

Hickory has a full smoky flavour and is generally considered to be the original smoking wood. It goes with anything and is most commonly used for smoking meats.

Beech wood has a moderate level of smoke. It is used for smoking fish, game, and pork. Weber recommends soaking in water for an hour before adding them to your barbecue.

Apple wood has a light, but fruity, flavour and its apple notes make it the perfect flavour to combine with pork. Apple woodchips are also great when used to smoke poultry, like chicken.

Mesquite has an intense smoke and a very strong flavour. It is commonly used in Texas and its strength means that it is commonly used for strong flavoured red meat because its flavour can easily overpower milder tasting meats.

Wood Chunks

Wood chunks are larger than woodchips. The size of the pieces means that they will last for longer than wood chips. Weber advisees soaking these pieces of wood overnight before use, and if you intend to slow cook your food, then you should consider using chunks over chips. Using wood chunks means that you won't have to keep adding wood every 30 minutes to an hour.

At BBQWorld we have traditional mesquite wood chunks, as well as fruity and milder apple wood chunks for you to choose from. They come in resealable bags so you don't have to worry about having to use the whole bag in a single barbecuing session.


Woodchips and chunks can be used in closed barbecues. They can be placed directly onto charcoal barbecues or used in a smoker on a gas barbecue, but the barbecue needs to be closed in order that the smoke gets into the food. Leaving the lid open means that the smoke escapes without really passing over or through the food.

Wood paper is easy to use. Wrap the food you want to smoke in the wood paper and then place directly on the grill and cook as normal. There's no need to soak the paper, and you can enjoy similar results from an open barbecue as you would from a closed barbecue with chips or wood chunks.

Choose from fruity cherry wood wraps or a moderate beech wood flavour and buy today.


It is possible to add woodchips and chunks directly to charcoal barbecues, and some gas barbecues include a built-in smokerbox where you can them yourself. However, this isn't standard across all barbecues. Fortunately, the Weber smokerbox offers a convenient and effective solution and will work in most barbecues.

The Weber Smokerbox is designed primarily for use with Weber barbecues. Add soaked woodchips to the box and place the box on the Flavorizer bars. Alternatively, you can place the box directly on the cooking grate. Weber has designed the box so that it offers optimal smoke production and it is made from stainless steel with a non-stick coating so it is durable and long lasting, as well as easy to clean and simple to maintain.

How To Use Chips, Chunks And Papers

Weber has a long history of producing and supplying high quality barbecues to the market. They started with the original kettle drum barbecue design, and have expanded to include a huge range of styles, designs, and sizes of grill. They have also expanded to include accessories, tools, and cooking accessories that enable you to further enhance your cooking experience.

If you're looking to add extra flavour to your food, no matter what you're cooking, you can smoke the food by adding wood chips, chunks, or papers, and Weber makes a great tasting and efficient range of all of these items, as well as their own Smokerbox.

Buy Weber Woodchips From BBQWorld Today

BBQWorld has a large selection of Weber woodchips and other products for creating a great tasting smoked flavour. Browse the site now, call us with any questions, or call in at Dawson's Department Store where you can find our full range of all homeware items and products. Remember, if you place an order over ïż½50 today, you receive free delivery to your UK address.


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