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Weber Electric BBQs

Weber Electric BBQ Live in an apartment with restrictions on gas or charcoal? Want the flavour and fun of BBQ cooking without the mess of charcoal or the worry of running low on gas? Weber have all bases covered with their range of Weber Electric Barbecues. Weber Lumin Electric Barbecues can Sear, smoke, steam or boil with various cooking settings. It folds up into a compact package making it perfect for those with space crunched apartments.

Weber Electric Barbecues take away the guesswork. Set the temperature you need and off you go. Truly set and forget. Weber Pulse grills are clever too, you'll even be notified on your smartphone when your food is perfectly cooked thanks to the integrated iGrill thermometer.

Weber Electric Barbecues

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Weber PULSE 2000 Black with Cart Electric Grill

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£30.66 per month on finance
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Weber PULSE 2000 Black Electric BBQ

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Weber PULSE 1000 Black Electric Grill

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Weber Lumin Electric BBQ with Stand

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Weber Lumin Electric BBQ

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Weber Lumin Compact Electric BBQ with Stand

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Weber Lumin Compact Electric BBQ

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Now £359.00

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£11.18 per month on finance

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Weber Electric Barbecues

If you live in a city, or you only have very limited outdoor space, you will know how difficult it is to find a high quality barbecue that can reasonably fit in the space available to you. Most portable barbecues operate using charcoal, because this negates the need for a gas bottle, but this also means that outdoor chefs that appreciate the uniform cooking temperatures and reliability of gas cooking struggle to find the perfect barbecue for their needs. There are surprisingly few electric barbecues, but this is something that renowned manufacturer Weber has changed with the introduction of the Weber Pulse electric barbecue range.

These portable barbecues are designed for use on city balconies, or on patios. They plug into the mains electricity, and this not only means that you can enjoy a lot of the benefits you would expect from a reliable delivery of uniform heat, but it also means that you don't need a gas bottle in order to enjoy these benefits. You can enjoy the best of both worlds - total portability combined with high quality grilling options. There are two models of Weber Pulse electric barbecues, the 100 and the 200, and a selection of accessories that can be used to enhance your experience cooking outdoors.

Buy from BBQ World today and enjoy free delivery, which we offer on all orders over �50, or you can call us with any questions about Weber or any other products. Alternatively, why not call in to Dawson's Department Store, where you can view our entire collection of barbecues and accessories.

Electronic Temperature Control

One of the reasons that people prefer gas barbecues over that of charcoal models is the accuracy and reliability that they offer. You don't have to estimate temperature, and you don't have to wait for the grill to heat up before you can start cooking. The electric grills from Weber offer the same benefits, and they include electronic temperature control, so that you can make minute changes to the cooking temperature inside your barbecue.

The screen displays the current temperature, and the dials enable you to increase or decrease the temperature as required. If you are looking for simple but effective operation, then the Weber Pulse barbecue offers all this and more.

Control The Grill From Your Phone

One unique feature of the Pulse barbecue is its iGrill integration. The iGrill enables you to add a probe thermometer, with two probes, to your food. The thermometer measures the temperature of your food constantly, and it can report this back to an Android or iOS app on your phone. What's more, you can even incorporate the burners into the iGrill system which means that you can increase or decrease temperature using nothing more than your mobile phone.

If you're chatting to family and friends while waiting for the food, or you're busy preparing potato salad in the kitchen, you can still ensure that your meat isn't burning outside. The probe thermometer enables you to check that meat has reached the desired temperature, so you can prepare succulent cuts without having to over cook to ensure that it is safely prepared.

Porcelain Enamelled Grates

The grates of the Weber Pulse barbecues are made from enamelled cast iron. Cast iron is chosen for its thermal transfer rates and its durability. It is strong and hard wearing and you can tell this as soon as you pick up the grate. The porcelain enamelled cast iron is also safe to prepare food on without having to worry about transfer from the metal to the food, and it is almost impossible to scratch, damage, or chip the surface. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, typically only taking a damp cloth or a bit of soapy water to maintain its beautiful, classic look.

Grease Management System

A grease management system helps keep your grill clean and helps you prepare healthier food on the grill. Essentially, it works by allowing the grease to drip away from food and away from the griddle and into a grease drip tray. This tray can then be removed and emptied. The end result is that you will enjoy less fatty food, and you won't have to spend hours scrubbing the grill plate in order to remove congealed fat. The Weber Pulse electric barbecues have a drip tray that is easy to remove and that will collect all of the fat that escapes, also preventing flare ups that can ruin your carefully prepared meals.

Dual Zone Temperature Controls

The Weber Pulse 100 has a single burner and cooking area, while the Pulse 200 has two separate cooking areas. The advanced dual cooking BBQ offers independent heating controls, which means that you can prepare completely different types of food in the two halves of the BBQ. Sear steaks on one half while cooking sausages on the other and ensure that all of your food is ready at the same time and cooked to the best possible standard.

The Premium Cart

The Weber Pulse electric barbecues are designed to be portable, but you can buy a premium cart for your model as well. The cart has wheels to make moving it around easier, and the handle makes this even simpler. It has a bottom rack shelf that can be used to store almost anything and does not need to hold a gas bottle. The branded cart is also designed to look good and has been created specifically for use with this model of Weber barbecue.


While the Weber Pulse barbecues are made to be portable, so can be stored indoors when not in use, and are made from high grade materials, using a cover can help prolong the life of your barbecue while also letting you keep your barbecue outdoors or store it in a damp shed. Leaving your grill exposed outdoors means that it will come into contact with dirt and debris, as well as being faced with elements like rain, snow, ice, and even the damaging rays of the sun. Weber has designed covers that are made to fit precisely around the Weber Pulse barbecues, which means that they are less prone to becoming damaged even in high winds.


The Weber Pulse models have their own cast iron grille plates that are perfect for cooking most foods, but you can also buy a griddle. The griddle allows you to cook the entire surface of food because it is flat, rather than mesh shaped. The Pulse griddle is easy to clean, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth once the barbecue has cooled down.

It is also designed to perfectly fit your Pulse. This can be especially useful on the Weber Pulse 200, which has separate cooking zones. Use the included grill on one half and the flat griddle on the other and you will be able to prepare a great variety of different dishes at the same time.

Buy Weber Pulse Barbecues From BBQ World

Weber is a widely respected and very well known barbecue brand. They produce high quality charcoal and gas barbecues, including several portable models. The Weber Pulse electric BBQ models are electric grills, that plug in directly to the mains, and they are especially well suited to use on balconies for those that live in the city and do not have a lot of outdoor space. Despite being small, they are powerful, and they include a great range of beneficial features to enhance your barbecuing experience.

BBQ World is proud to offer Weber grills to our customers, and we love the Pulse models because they offer high quality outdoor cooking to those that only have a small amount of room. Buy today and enjoy free delivery on orders over �50 or call us with any questions you have about these and the many other products that we sell.

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