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Home > Barbecuing Methods

Weber Barbecuing Method

All Weber's range of barbecues, whether they are fired by charcoal or gas, are all designed for the express purpose of creating fantastic, delicious food in the outdoors to give great times with friends and family with all modern barbecuing techniques, whatever the brand of barbecue, being derived from Weber-Stephen's Original 1952 Kettle barbecue design when the ability to barbecue turkey, legs of lamb and beef roasts that required more that 20 minutes cooking time created a sensation in the barbecuing community.

Weber explain how to get the best out of your Weber to use either for "grilling" or "roasting" below

Weber Barbecuing Methods

Weber Direct - Grilling

Direct - Grilling

To ‘grill’ on your barbecue using gas and/or briquettes is almost self-explanatory. Use when cooking small pieces of meat which only need to be barbecued for up to 15-20 minutes e.g. chicken fillets, steaks and prawns. If you are barbecuing with briquettes, distribute the glowing briquettes evenly across the whole charcoal grate. Then place the cooking grate on the barbecue and position the food on the cooking grate directly above the briquettes. If you are barbecuing with gas, light the barbecue on full and leave it to pre-heat for 5 minutes. Then simply place the food on the cooking grate above the burners.
Weber Direct - Grilling

Indirect - Roasting

This method was developed by Weber-Stephen in the 1950’s and being able to cook your Christmas turkey, roast chicken and large beef roasts caused a sensation at the time and still does today! Using your barbecue to roast is simple and anyone can do it. If you are using a charcoal barbecue, distribute the briquettes so that there are equal amounts on each side of the charcoal grate. Then place a drip tray between the briquette piles and pour a small amount of liquid into it. Position the food onto the cooking grate directly above the drip tray and between the briquettes. If you are using a gas barbecue, light the barbecue on full and leave it to pre-heat for 5 minutes. Then turn the relevant control knobs to OFF and switch off the burners in the centre of the barbecue, then place the food onto the cooking grate above the inactive burners. Set the other burners in the gas barbecue to MEDIUM. If your gas barbecue is a Weber® Q™ with a single burner, turn this all the way down to LOW and position the food in the middle of the cooking grate.
Weber Circular Barbecuing

Circular Barbecuing

If you are using briquettes on a charcoal barbecue, the circular method is ideal for very large pieces of meat – e.g. whole turkeys. It is also perfect for pizza, bread and cakes. Arrange the hot briquettes in a ring all the way around the edge of the charcoal grate and remember to place a drip tray in the centre of the ring. If you barbecue more than 2–3 pizzas in a row, you will need to switch to a new stone during cooking. Otherwise, the stone may become too hot and burn the pizza base.
Weber 50/50 Barbecuing

Weber 50-50 Barbecuing

This method is perfect for food that needs to be browned first, and then barbecued for a long time to ensure that it is cooked all the way through.

Once the briquettes are ready, place them onto one side of the charcoal grate. Place a drip tray with a little bit of liquid into it on the other side of the grate. Place the cooking grate in the barbecue and position the food over the briquettes.

Start by browning the meat – such as chicken drumsticks or tenderloin of pork. Then move the meat over to the other side of the barbecue, above the drip tray. Finish cooking it here using indirect heat. You can then cook side vegetables – such as potatoes, peppers and corn on the cob – over the briquettes.

You can use the same method for a gas barbecue with multiple burners.

In this case, simply reposition the meat above the inactive burners once you’ve browned it. If you are using a Weber® Q™ with a single burner, turn the regulator all the way down to LOW after browning the meat.

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