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Buschbeck is an award winning German manufacturer of masonry barbecues. They provide attractive and functional barbecues that can create a focal point in your garden, do not need to be stored or covered even during the winter months, and can be used to craft great tasting and unique meal ideas. At BBQWorld we have a large selection of Buschbeck BBQ models that can really make a statement in your garden.

The double walled construction means that the barbecues are built to last, while the quality of the materials used by Buschbeck means that you don't need to paint, coat, or otherwise prepare the barbecue before you start. Create a focal point, enjoy extra warmth on your patio, and prepare everything from standard barbecue food to pizzas and even slow cooked joints with a Buschbeck BBQ from BBQWorld, the official website of Dawson's Department Store.

Buschbeck Barbecues and Fireplaces

Buschbeck Barbecue Accessories

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Buschbeck Heavy Duty Chrome Cooking Grill

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Buschbeck Grill Bar Cover

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Buschbeck Cast Iron Cooking Grid

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Buschbeck Full Cover

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Buschbeck Universal Pizza Box Oven

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Buschbeck Stainless Steel Gas Burner

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About Buschbeck Barbecues

Why Masonry Barbecues?

The biggest difference between a Buschbeck and other barbecues is that they are masonry barbecues. They offer a permanent solution to your barbecuing requirements and, as well as providing the opportunity to prepare a greater range of dishes than with a standard barbecue, they also provide a central focal point in the garden; something to design a patio around.

They are designed for permanency, which means that you don't have to find somewhere to store them during the winter months, and a Buschbeck masonry BBQ will last you for years, without demanding too much maintenance. The chimney style design removes excessive smoke away from the cooking area, while the wood burning chimney also makes a great fireplace or patio heater to keep everybody warm while they're out in the garden.

The size of Buschbeck BBQ models is also a benefit. The extra space can be used for increased storage, for holding drinks and prepared food, or for any other purpose. A Buschbeck BBQ is the ideal solution for those of you that are looking to create an outdoor kitchen, where you can prepare food and provide greater comfort for all those around you.

Buschbeck Carmen

The Buschbeck Carmen BBQ combines terracotta with stone grey elements to create a stunning looking outdoor barbecue. It has a side table, which can be used for drinks or to place food when it is prepared and ready to be served. The barbecue grill can be placed at any of four different heights and, while the Buschbeck Carmen is designed for use with charcoal, there is even a gas burner insert that can be used to convert your charcoal chimney to an outdoor gas barbecue.

The Carmen is made from the same high grade materials as all Buschbeck models. This means that there isn't any need to perform regular maintenance, although you can give the masonry a quick clean with a jet wash or hosepipe in order to keep it looking fresh and clean, if you wish.

You can buy additional heavy duty cooking grills with your Buschbeck BBQ. This enables you to cook more foods and prepare more complex meals, because you will have multiple cooking surfaces at different levels and temperatures.

Buschbeck Opus

Made of white quartz and stainless steel, the Buschbeck Opus has a modern and sleek design. It features the same double wall masonry design as the Carmen model, which means that it is durable and tough, while three cooking heights mean that you can choose the cooking temperature you prepare food at. The Opus is designed to be smaller than many of its masonry counterparts, and it is easy to install, incorporating just five masonry sections and five stainless steel sections, as well as full and easy-to-follow instructions.

The stainless steel grill can be swung out and away from the coals, so that you can more easily add and remove food away from the direct heat of the coals. The stainless steel reinforced base is strong as well as durable, and all of the steel components are made from medical grade stainless steel, proving the quality of this Buschbeck masonry BBQ.

Buschbeck BBQ Accessories

Although the masonry barbecue grills are made to last and using durable and hardwearing materials, you can invest in a Buschbeck BBQ cover. This can be used during winter months, or simply when you're not using the barbecue. Although the barbecue itself is designed to withstand ice and snow, as well as rain and UV, the cover can prevent dirt and debris from blowing into the grill. This means that it will be easier to clean and clear the grill ready for using, and it will prevent damage that can be caused by larger pieces of debris blowing onto the barbecue.

Other Buschbeck BBQ accessories include heavy duty barbecue grills. There are multiple cooking levels on Buschbeck grills, and you can prepare food ranging from burgers and steaks to bread. You can even use a Buschbeck BBQ as a pizza oven to prepare great tasting, home cooked pizzas.

You can buy replacement parts, such as hoods and brackets. You can buy fire grates and ash boxes, pizza oven inserts, shelf inserts, and stainless steel gas burner inserts. You can buy a host of accessories and additional items that enable you to further improve your outdoor cooking experience to create greater tasting and more varied foods.

BBQWorld Buschbeck BBQs

Buschbeck BBQ models are high quality, long lasting, and durable barbecues. They typically come in several pieces, including masonry pieces and stainless steel sections. Easier to put together with the help of another person, some Buschbeck masonry BBQ models also double up as a patio heater and as an outdoor chimney, as well as a great quality outdoor kitchen.

BBQWorld is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We have a large selection of both gas and charcoal barbecues from manufacturers like Buschbeck and Weber. We offer competitive prices, and you can buy any of the items in our Buschbeck BBQ sale online, over the phone, or in one of our Dawson's Department Stores.

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