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Weber MasterTouch Barbecues

Weber MasterTouch BBQ Weber have constantly developed their original 1952 heritage kettle design using all their knowledge of charcoal grilling gained over the last 60 years so while the distinctive design may look very familiar features such as the stainless steel One-Touch Cleaning System, hinged cooking grates and rust proof removable ash catcher have brought the whole package up to date so to take the concept one extra stage further Weber have thought long and hard to create the Master Touch for introduction in 2014.

The Weber Master Touch 57cm has been developed using the feedback from users of the much loved, much used and much abused One-Touch Premium and follows their recommendations by adding a Tuck-Away lid holder and Gourmet System grate to it's stylish functionality for even more grilling versatility combining these with a choice of four distinctive colours, Crimson, Smoke, Spring Green not forgetting Weber's signature Black.

Weber MasterTouch Benefits

weber mastertouch bbq overview
Weber MasterTouch Overview
weber mastertouch char basket fuel holders
MasterTouch Char Basket Fuel Holders
weber mastertouch gourmet bbq system
MasterTouch Gourmet BBQ System
weber mastertouch one touch cleaning system
MasterTouch One Touch Cleaning System

Weber MasterTouch Barbecues

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Weber Master-Touch GBS E-5750 Charcoal Grill 57cm Black - 14701004

In Stock - green tick
Price £279.00

RRP £335.00  Save 17%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Master-Touch GBS C 5750 - Smoke Grey - 57 cm

In Stock - green tick
Price £287.00

RRP £348.00  Save 18%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
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Weber Master-Touch GBS C 5750 - Deep Ocean Blue - 57cm - 14716004

In Stock - green tick
Price £287.00

RRP £345.00  Save 17%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber Master-Touch GBS Premium E-5770 Charcoal BBQ 17301004

In Stock - green tick
Price £329.00

RRP £409.00  Save 20%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

Weber MasterTouch BBQ Covers

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Weber BBQ Cover - 57cm Charcoal BBQs - 7176

In Stock - green tick
Price £25.68

RRP £45.99  Save 44%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber Premium BBQ Cover - 57cm Charcoal BBQs

In Stock - green tick
Price £50.00

RRP £77.99  Save 36%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber Premium BBQ Cover - 57cm Master-Touch Premium

In Stock - green tick
Price £59.00

RRP £77.99  Save 24%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

Weber MasterTouch Gourmet BBQ System

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Weber GBS Trivet 8845

In Stock - green tick
Price £39.99

RRP £47.29  Save 15%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Cooking Grate - 57cm Charcoal BBQ

In Stock - green tick
Price £54.49

RRP £63.99  Save 15%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Poultry Roaster Insert

In Stock - green tick
Price £65.49

RRP £77.99  Save 16%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Grill and Griddle Station 8858

In Stock - green tick
Price £84.49

RRP £98.79  Save 14%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Cooking Grates - Spirit II 200 series and Spirit 200 series

In Stock - green tick
Price £101.49

RRP £119.99  Save 15%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Waffle and Sandwich Insert - Cast Iron

In Stock - green tick
Price £108.67

RRP £120.74  Save 10%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Stainless Steel Cooking Grates - Spirit 300 Series BBQs

In Stock - green tick
Price £146.49

RRP £169.99  Save 14%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Stainless Steel Cooking Grates - Genesis 300 Series BBQs

In Stock - green tick
Price £166.49

RRP £192.99  Save 14%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50
Quick View quick view
Weber GBS Stainless Steel Cooking Grates - Summit 600 - 7585

In Stock - green tick
Price £166.49

RRP £192.99  Save 14%
Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

More About Weber MasterTouch Charcoal BBQ

The heart of the Master Touch is Weber's Gourmet BBQ System grate which can be used as a standard cooking grate or simply lift out the middle section and replace with one of the five interchangeable accessories; wok, sear grate, griddle, pizza stone or poultry roaster, all of which can be purchased separately, to expand the range of grilling options way beyond what the expectations usually would be for a charcoal barbecue.

The simple to use Tuck-Away lid holder gives a convenient, always available, easy to access place to put the lid when taken off the kettle, no more more looking around for a flat surface and having to leave the lid 4 metres away from the grill, which also doubles up as a windshield when either lighting the coals or moving food around on the grates.

The build quality of a Master Touch is everything we have come to expect from a Weber Charcoal grill as the lid and bowl are made from high quality American steel with a porcelain enamelled coating, a powder coating which is fired onto the steel at approx 800�C to give a shiny black coating which is sturdy enough to handle all types of weather conditions allowing the enjoyment of barbecuing all year round.

Weber Master Touch Barbecues

Weber is a US barbecue and grill manufacturer. They have been producing high quality charcoal and, more recently, gas barbecues and as well as being best-sellers in the US, they have increased in popularity over here, in the UK, too. They are popular for their cost effectiveness and the fact that they are feature-rich barbecues.

Features like a lid thermometer, rust-proof lid vents, and a one touch cleaning system, make Weber Master Touch barbecues a great choice for your next family barbecue. The traditional kettle design means that heat travels around the grill, evenly heating food, and Weber's 10-year guarantee means that you have peace of mind knowing that the barbecues are durable and long lasting.

Weber barbecues are among the most popular we sell at BBQWorld. They are priced very competitively compared to other, similarly designed barbecues. They will last for years, are easy to clean, and they have features that make it easy for you to prepare great tasting food every time you light the charcoal. You get a rack to hold all your grilling tools, a lid that acts as a windshield, and you can choose from a great variety of colours.

Although the Weber Master Touch is well-featured straight out of the box, you can also buy additional extras like a pizza stone, that enhance your outdoor cooking and dining experience even further.

About Weber

Weber started in 1952 when steak enthusiast, George Stephen, invented the first kettle grill. The first kettle grill was met with some hesitation on its launch but has become the design of choice for most manufacturers. The first kettle grill was created when George cut a sea buoy, manufactured by the company he then worked for, Weber Bros. Metal Works, in half. One half of the buoy was used for holding the charcoal while the other half acted as a lid. Consumers were not used to seeing grills with lids, and so they treated the new development as an amusement.

New grills and new features are rigorously tested as part of the development cycle, and every product is quality tested twice before being delivered to retailers and customers. When you buy a Weber barbecue, regardless of the model you opt for, you are buying a high-quality grill that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets high standards.

The Weber Master Touch barbecue is packed full of features that help make it such a powerful outdoor cooking tool:

Lid Thermometer

The kettle barbecue was initially ridiculed for its lid, but once keen cooks discovered the value of uniform heat being transferred around the inside of the kettle, derision was replaced by demand.

Closing the lid of your Weber Master Touch enables you to retain heat inside the cooking environment. This means that food will cook quickly and more evenly. It is ideal for cooking meat, especially when you want to retain juices and enhance the smoky, barbecue flavour. However, once the lid is closed, you should open it as little as possible, but you will still want to check that the cooking area has reached the desired temperature, and that the heat is flowing.

Weber Master Touch grills include a lid thermometer. This enables you to check the internal cooking temperature without having to open the lid and estimate. While the thermometer won't tell you the temperature inside a cut of meat, it does enable you to check that you achieve the temperature you want in your cooking area.


The body and lid of the Master Touch are made from a single sheet of metal. There are no welds or connections to rust or become damaged, and they incorporate a porcelain-enamel coating. This coating is rust proof, which is essential for any barbecue, but especially for those intended for the UK market.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic made using kaolin, feldspars, quartz, and other substances. A porcelain enamel is made by firing a mix of porcelain with metal. This mixture creates a strong and non-porous material. It is safe for cooking, extremely durable, lightweight, and mostly scratch resistant. This combination makes it ideal for use in manufacturing barbecues. They won't become easily damaged, the barbecue can be moved around without too much effort, and the barbecue is easy to clean.

Bowl Handle And Tool Hooks

The Weber Master Touch barbecue has larger wheels than its predecessor, making it even easier to move. The handle has also been redesigned for the latest iterations of the Master Touch. Rather than a standard wooden handle, the Master Touch handle doesn't get hot and it also incorporates tool hooks on either end so that you can easily store your cooking utensils while the lid is down.

Removable Ash Pan

The ashpan is a removable pan that sits underneath the charcoal basket. It collects the ash from the coals, as well as other dirt and debris that falls through. You should empty the ash pan as often as possible, and if you empty it after every time you cook, it will be easier to clean and maintain the barbecue in the long run.

The removable ash pan makes emptying and cleaning quick and easy. Pinch the handle together to remove the pan, empty and pinch the handle again to replace it.

Heat Shield And Lid Holder

The lid of the barbecue can be conveniently tucked away so you aren't left looking around for somewhere to place it. What's more, it will lock open, providing a heat shield and wind shield; not only convenient but safer and even more functional.

Aluminium Lid Vent

Two aluminium vents are found on the Weber Master Touch. As well as one in the base of the body of the barbecue, there is another vent in the lid. This gives you total control over the amount and even direction of air that flows around the coals. You can enjoy total control over the heat that the coals produce, as well as the size of the flames that you cook on. Minimising air flow means that there is less oxygen spreading across the coals, reducing flare ups, while maximising air flow enables you to get the coals burner hotter, quicker. Being made from aluminium, the vents are sturdy but will not rust.

Gourmet Grates And Warming Racks

The Master Touch from Weber is a great quality barbecue straight out of the box, but while it already offers plenty of features and extras, you can further extend its usefulness thanks to the gourmet grates. Remove the central section of the grill and you can replace it with any of five additional extra cooking surfaces. These accessories include a sear grate, pizza stone, poultry roaster, griddle, or wok. Using these extra accessories, you can convert a high quality grill into an even higher quality outdoor cooking machine with almost endless food preparation possibilities.

The Weber Master Touch also includes built-in warming racks. These are ideal for keeping food warm while you prepare extra dishes, or they can be used to gently warm bread or other items. The flexibility of the Master Touch is one of its greatest features.

Buy The Weber Master Touch From BBQWorld

Weber has developed an exceptional reputation for producing high quality barbecues. While they stopped production of the original kettle barbecue in 1999, the Master Touch represents a relaunch of their iconic design. It offers excellent features straight out of the box, enabling you to grill food quickly and easily, and through the addition of griddle replacements like the pizza stone, you can further enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

We ensure competitive prices on all Weber grills and barbecues, and we also offer regular discounts and savings. Buy directly from our website to enjoy free delivery on all orders over �50 or call into Dawson's Department Store where you can view our full selection of barbecues and accessories like the Master Touch from Weber.

Weber MasterTouch Warranty Information

One Touch Cleaning System 5 years no rust through/burn through weber 10 year warranty
Bowl, Lid, and Center Ring 10 years no rust through/burn through
Plastic Components 5 years, excludes fading or discoloration
All remaining parts 2 years

Weber MasterTouch Video

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