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 Weird uses for bacon

Date Created: 4/12/13
Bacon may just be a thin strip of pork, but boy does it get people all hot and bothered. It started out as a simple breakfast accessory, but now this delicious, moreish meat has become something of a delicacy for many.

Today, you'll find it in main course dishes and even at parties, wrapped around other meats and being grilled on a Weber Barbecue. In some instances you'll find it being used in some very remarkable ways indeed.

Weird uses for bacon Some of the weirdest and wackiest uses for bacon include:

1. Bacon Fashion

If bacon tastes good in your mouth, it's probably good to wear. At least that's what a couple of fanatics believe. Sporting a tie or an entire outfit made of the stuff might not be regarded as conventional, but at least you have your beloved meat product with you everywhere you go. Plus, you'll never be hungry.

2. Smells Like Bacon

As if wearing it wasn't enough, a food manufacturing establishment decided that creating a deodorant scented like rashers would be awesome. Introducing Power Bacon: For When You Sweat like a Pig. A Seattle based company, J&D's Foods, was unsatisfied with the line of male antiperspirants on offer, which led to the production of the fragrance as well as a porky lip balm and shaving cream.

Whether Power Bacon will become a thing or not still remains to be seen.

3. The Bacon That Came to My Aid

Did you just get a boo-boo and need to cover it up, but can't stand those boring old regular first-aid plasters? Well, fret no more because bacon-strip bandages could be your answer. You might, however, become a target for hungry birds of prey and raccoons, so exercise some caution.

4. An Ice Cream Tub of Pork

Now that you're over vanilla swirl and cherry jubilee cones, maybe you should treat your taste buds to some bacon flavoured ice-cream. Though it might sound like torture to your digestive system, apparently it tastes quite good. In fact, many vendors are having to fend off hoards of rioters who want nothing less than the best frozen desert pork their money can buy.

5. Flowers for You My Porky

If your significant other isn't too happy about you spending so much time marvelling at your barbecue, why not give them some flowers as an apology. When regular petals won't do, try some bacon roses - but don't. It may seem like a good idea, until you eat the entire bouquet before you get home. Stick to traditional apple blossoms instead.

Though all these uses for bacon are quite interesting, we prefer the traditional applications.

This delicious meat smells great on a barbecue, wrapped around a juicy sausage, and will add flavour to most grilled dishes.

So before you go and buy yourself pork-inspired clothing or deodorant, consider staying home instead and lighting up your Weber BBQ.

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