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Pizza Stone Recipes

Date Created: 6/7/16
If you have bought yourself a Pizza Stone the likely hood is you have had some great use out of it already. Using a Stone on a gas or charcoal BBQ recreates one of the oldest techniques of cooking in the world, the stonebaked method. The pizza that you can create on a BBQ is immense, think thin crust, perfectly cooked cheese and bubbling tomato sauce. But it needn't end there. There is so much more that you can achieve with the Pizza Stone accessory.

recipes for a pizza stone
The first thing to say is that there is two ways of cooking with a Pizza Stone. ALWAYS warm your stone up with the BBQ, you then need to choose if you are using indirect cooking technique or, and this will depend on the stone you have, direct cooking technique. You should never have full heat directed underneath the stone but a little will allow a more 'direct' approach. i.e. if you have a 3 burner BBQ you can use the two outer burners and have the middle one on slightly, this will give you higher cooking temperatures and surface.

1. Bread

Ok, ok, Pizza is a form of Bread, but baking a loaf on a Pizza Stone can give unbelievable results. Just follow this recipe:

500g Strong White Bread Flour
10g Yeast (preferably Fresh, if not dried will do)
10g Salt
350ml tepid water.

I. Rub the yeast into the flour until it is like breadcrumb. Then incorporate the water slowly using a wooden spoon or spatula. Allow the dough to form and knead until it is smooth and elastic.
II. Set the dough to one side in a covered bowl and allow to prove until doubled in side (1 hour)
III. Knock back the dough then shape gently by hand to a square shape. Tuck each corner into the centre then turn the dough over and tuck under until you have a well formed tight ball. This will be your loaf. Put on a Pizza Peel or Baking Tray and cover with a towel to allow to prove for one hour.
IV. Put your Pizza Stone and a foil tray on your BBQ and allow to heat (use indirect Heat) you want to get the internal temperature of the BBQ to between 250 and 300 degrees Celsius.
V. Uncover your bread and slash the top with a sharp knife. Quickly put the bread on the Pizza Stone and pour some water into the now hot foil tray, this will create steam which will give you a perfect crust, shut the lid on the BBQ as soon as possible.
VI. After 5 minutes turn the temperature down to around 200 degrees Celsius. After 20 minutes check the bread for colour. It is done once it sounds hollow when knocked. Allow to cool and enjoy.

2. Quesadillas

This is perfect for a quick and easy meal, use your choice of fillings to use up leftovers or just satisfy your taste buds! The Pizza Stone ensures great results and a nice crispy finish.

8 x Tortilla Wraps
2 x 400g Tin of Mixed Beans
2 x TbspLime Juice
2 x Tbsp of Chipotle or 1 x Chilli Sauce 1x Ketchup (depending on your taste!)
150g of Cheese use something strong or tasty

I. Drain the Mixed Beans and put in a food processor or bowl. Add the lime and Chipotle or Chilli Sauce. Blitz or stir until you have a tasty paste. Add some of the coriander and half of the cheese. Season with Pepper then spread on 4 of the Tortilla Wraps, add another quarter of the cheese to them and top with the remaining wraps.
II. Heat the stone with indirect and direct heat using a small amount of heat underneath.
III. Once the BBQ reaches 150 degrees Celsius place your first Quesadilla on the stone and pull down the lid. Check regularly and flip when the wrap has some colour. Add a sprinkle of the remaining cheese and some chopped coriander and pull the lid down. When the bottom of the Quesadilla has some colour remove and serve.

3. Sizzling Steak Stone

A great centre piece for a party, this is inspired by an old cooking tradition in Portugal where Steaks are served demi-cooked on a Sizzling Stone so that diners can cook to their liking, If you are worried about your stone you can tightly cover it with foil first.

4 x 10-20oz Sirloin Steaks (must be good quality!)
I. Heat the stone to 200 degrees Celsius.
II. When at temperature salt the steaks and place straight onto the stone. Allow to cook for 5-7 minutes depending on the thickness of the steak.
III. Remove the stone and steaks from the BBQ and place on a Heat Proof surface in the centre of the table. Flip the steaks and allow diners to cook them as they wish.

4. Giant Pizza Cookie

This is a fun and tasty way of providing an alfresco dessert for your family or friends. You can pre-prepare the mix and cook in front of them.

220 g of butter, softened
165g brown sugar
165g white sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
400g chocolate chips

I. Place your pizza stone on the BBQ and preheat to 180 degrees Celsius.
II. In a large mixing bowl combine the butter, sugars and vanilla and beat until smooth.Add eggs and beat.Slowly mix in flour, baking soda, and salt until well blended.Stir in chocolate chips.
III. Roll out cookie dough onto a sheet of parchment paper the size of your stone, leaving room around the edges for the cookie to expand while baking.
IV. Once the BBQ is preheated, wear oven mitts and carefully place the parchment paper with cookie dough onto the pizza stone.Cook for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
V. Remove with a spatula or pizza peel and place on a serving tray until cool.Cut the cookie into slices like you would a pizza and enjoy!

If you would like to use a Pizza Stone in your BBQ repertoire then why not try the Cadac Pizza Stone available here: or the Napoleon Pro Pizza Stone which includes skewers and a rack here: If you have any recipes, BBQ tips or ideas we'd love to hear from you; why not hook up to us on one of our Social Media Channels or send us an email. Happy Barbecuing! Team BBQWorld
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