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Beefeater & Other Outdoor Fridges

Beefeater are well known for producing high quality and feature packed barbecues that are ideal for use in the garden and in almost any conditions, but they also produce a range of other outdoor items including stunning, hardy, and robust outdoor fridges.

With glass doors, electronic controls, and made using sturdy and long-lasting materials, Beefeater outdoor fridges are also modular in their design which means that they can be combined with the line of outdoor kitchens that the Australian manufacturer produces, to create an exceptional outdoor dining and entertainment experience. With modular outdoor kitchen pieces, you really can create your own personalised outdoor living space.

At BBQWorld we have a selection of Beefeater's outdoor fridges, including single and double cabinets, both with glass doors, and both designed to withstand liquid splashes and extreme temperatures. We offer free delivery on all orders over ïż½50 so order your outdoor fridge today and you can have it delivered to your UK address and start enjoying your new outdoor dining space.

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BeefEater Outdoor Bar Fridge - Single Door

In Stock - green tick

RRP £1,375.00  Save 10%
£38.52 per month on finance
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BeefEater Outdoor Bar Fridge - Double Door

In Stock - green tick

RRP £1,845.00  Save 13%
£49.81 per month on finance
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Napoleon Commercial Grade Outdoor Beverage Cooler Fridge - Single Door Opens Left

In Stock - green tick

RRP £1,829.99  Save 5%
£54.12 per month on finance
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Napoleon Commercial Grade Outdoor Beverage Cooler Fridge - Single Door Opens Right

In Stock - green tick

RRP £1,829.99  Save 5%
£54.12 per month on finance
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Sunstone Fridge Cabinet

£55.07 per month on finance
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Napoleon Commercial Grade Outdoor Beverage Cooler Fridge - Double Door

In Stock - green tick

RRP £2,249.99  Save 5%
£66.54 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP1 Left Hinged 870mm Glass Door Fridge XP1-870-L

£67.71 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP1 Right Hinged 870mm Glass Door Fridge XP1-870-R

£67.71 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP2 Double Glass Door Fridge

£87.14 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP2 Double Solid Door Fridge

£87.14 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP3 Triple Glass Door Fridge

£112.04 per month on finance
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Blastcool Extremis XP3 Triple Solid Door Fridge

£112.04 per month on finance
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Harmony Outdoor Kitchen Double Fridge Pack with BeefEater 1600S - AVAILABILITY LATE JUNE


RRP £10,785.00  Save 54%
£154.88 per month on finance
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Harmony 6 Burner Outdoor Kitchen Wth Proline Roaster Quad Side Burner and Double Fridge Pack - LIMITED AVAILABILTY

In Stock - green tick

RRP £16,485.00  Save 53%
£241.27 per month on finance

About Beefeater

Beefeater is an Australian manufacturer of outdoor goods. They are best known for manufacturing high quality and appealing barbecues. They also supply fitted outdoor kitchens, and as a company with their roots firmly in Australian outdoor life, they know how to make products that can withstand regular outdoor use, even in more extreme conditions. The Australians' love of outdoor life means that Beefeater also knows how to create convenient outdoor living items. They produce rugged pieces that are especially suited to those that enjoy eating, drinking, relaxing, and entertaining outdoors. You can buy fully fitted outdoor kitchens that incorporate everything from workspace and kitchen units to fridges and more. They also offer additional accessories like covers so that you can buy absolutely everything you need to take your food preparation and consumption outdoors while protecting and caring for all of your barbecue and other items. At BBQWorld, we love the modular design and the prospect of being able to do everything you can in your kitchen, but outdoors. As well as stocking Beefeater barbecues and accessories like barbecue covers, we also have Beefeater's outdoor fridge range.

Splash Proof

The fridges are IPX4 rated, which means that they are protected against splashes for at least 5 minutes. You will need to wipe the liquid up, but it won't cause untold damage in the meantime. The fridge should be in a covered area, and you can use covers to help protect against weather, dirt, and debris, but the splash proof rating means that the fridges can be fitted to outdoor kitchen areas without having to worry about not splashing food and water on them. The IPX4 rating means that they can't be left out in the rain, but you can buy covers to place over the fridges when not in use or design your outdoor cooking space in such a way that items like the fridge are completely protected from rain.

Display Door

The clear glazed doors are double glazed and insulated, as well as heated, which means that you can easily see the contents without having to keep open the door. Because the doors are heated, it means that condensation won't prevent you from being able to see in and won't negatively impact the cooling effects of the fridge. You can quickly determine how many beers you've got left, and whether you need to rush out and buy more for your guests.

Single Or Double Units

There are two primary models of outdoor fridge from Beefeater - the single and the double unit. The single unit has a capacity of 120L and the double unit a capacity of 190L. Both units enjoy the benefit of the glazed and heated windows, both are front vented, and both have electronic controls for easy operation. The Beefeater outdoor fridges have been designed and tested in the harsh Australian climate, so you can chill your drinks without having to worry about leaving the fridge out in the heat. In fact, the fridges will operate at temperatures up to 43C in the shade, having been made from 304 grade stainless steel. Grade 304 stainless steel is used in the manufacture of pans and other kitchen items, is easy to clean, and will not taint food or other items that are placed in it; ideal for use in the manufacture of items like high quality outdoor fridges.

Front Venting

Front venting is important for outdoor fridges. Rear or side ventilation means that space has to be left around the fridge, whereas front ventilation means that it can be fitted snugly into an outdoor unit without covering the vents. The front venting means that you can create a seamless outdoor kitchen design, without the fear of your appliance overheating.

Electronic Controls

The fridges have a range of 0C to 10C, and they are easily controlled using the external electronic controls. Electronic controls offer precision, so that you can get exactly the temperature you want for your drinks. They are also convenient because you can control the temperature setting with just a touch of the button. There's no need to guess at temperature setting using dials, and because the controls are external, you can easily change the settings without even having to open the fridge.

Modular Design

When designing an outdoor kitchen, we tend to be quite limited in space. Few people want their entire outdoor space taken up by cooking area, and not all gardens, let alone designated decking or patio areas, have the same dimensions. An outdoor kitchen, then, will usually have very specific size requirements, and this means that buying an entire outdoor kitchen may not be plausible. Beefeater kitchens and outdoor fridges are designed to be modular. This means that you can fit the fridge unit into any section of the kitchen area. You can choose whether you want a single or double fridge, depending on how many drinks and other items you store. It also means that, if you change the shape and design of the outdoor kitchen in the future, you will be able to move the fridge to a new area.

Creating A Convenient And Functional Outdoor Space

Outdoor kitchens are rarer in the UK than they are in Australia, where Beefeater is based, but they are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners are realising the benefits of better utilising outdoor space. Create a solid base using decking or patio, and you can install a full kitchen area complete with barbecue, worktops and storage spaces, and you can even incorporate additional items like pizza ovens. A fridge provides somewhere convenient to store your drinks or temporarily place food that you are going to prepare on the grill. The fridge is a more functional, more convenient, and better-quality solution to keeping your drinks cold than a cool box and is more convenient than having to keep getting drinks from the kitchen. You don't want to waste the opportunity to sit in the sun, as rare as it is here in the UK, and with either the single or double fridge unit, you won't have to.

Buy Outdoor Fridges From BBQWorld

BBQWorld is the official barbecue website of Dawson's Department Store, based in Clitheroe. We have a large selection of items, including barbecues and grills, cooking accessories, and modular outdoor fridges. We stock items from major manufacturers including Beefeater as well as Weber, Broil King, Cadac and more. People are making more of their outdoor space, not only using the garden for sitting in the sun but for preparing and eating food, for entertaining friends and family, and as a useful and beneficial extension of their home. Spend ïż½50 or more on your order and we will include free delivery with your order so that you can have your new outdoor fridge delivered directly to your door. Alternatively, give us a call and speak to one of the team with any questions you have about the items we sell, or call in to Dawson's, where you can see our entire range of gardenware like garden furniture sets, barbecues and grills, and an extensive indoor range of kitchenware and homeware.

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