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Weber Q Barbecues
Weber Q 1200 Black Gas BBQ - with Stand Weber Q 1200 Black Gas BBQ - with Stand
id: 51010374
Now £279.00
RRP £362.25
   Save 23%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q 2200 Black Gas BBQ - with Stand Weber Q 2200 Black Gas BBQ - with Stand
id: 54010374
Now £349.00
RRP £439.95
   Save 21%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q 3200 Black Gas BBQ Weber Q 3200 Black Gas BBQ
id: 57010074
Now £549.00
RRP £628.95
   Save 13%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q Barbecue Covers
Weber Premium BBQ Cover - Fits Q1200 and Q1400
id: 7117
Now £25.00
RRP £31.49
   Save 21%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Premium BBQ Cover - Q 200/2000 Series
id: 7118
Now £33.00
RRP £36.74
   Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber BBQ Cover- Q 1000/2000 Series With Stand
id: 7177
Now £37.49
RRP £41.99
   Save 11%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Premium BBQ Cover - Q 1000/2000 Series With Stand
id: 7120
Now £67.82
RRP £71.39
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Premium Barbecue Cover - Q™3000
id: 7184
Now £74.80
RRP £78.74
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q Barbecue Accessories
Weber Disposable Gas Canister- Triple Pack - EN417 Valve
id: 17669
Now £25.19
RRP £25.19
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Q™ Large Roast Rack
id: 6564
Now £28.34
RRP £31.49
   Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q3000 Series Warming Rack
id: 6570
Now £47.87
RRP £50.39
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Griddle - Cast Iron Q™ 2000 Series
id: 6559
Now £68.24
RRP £68.24
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q1000/1200 Adaptor Hose And Regulator inc Valve
id: 8524
Now £69.99
RRP £78.74
   Save 11%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Cooking Grates - Q™ 100/1000 Series
id: 7644
Now £84.78
RRP £89.24
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Cooking Grates - Q™ 200/2000 Series
id: 7645
Now £94.75
RRP £99.74
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q Rotisserie - Q 1000/Q 100 Series Weber Q Rotisserie - Q 1000/Q 100 Series
id: 17584
Now £99.99
RRP £155.39
   Save 36%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber® Cooking Grates - Q™ 300/3000 Series
id: 7646
Now £114.70
RRP £120.74
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Weber Q Patio Cart - Fits The Weber Q 2000 / 2200 Series Barbecues Weber Q Patio Cart - Fits The Weber Q 2000 / 2200 Series Barbecues
id: 6526
Now £159.00
RRP £204.74
   Save 22%
In Stock - green tick Yes
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More About Weber Q Barbecues

The Weber Q Barbecue range comes with a hose and regulator as standard, and includes a limited five year warranty.

Both the Weber Q1000 and Q1200 gas barbecue ranges use disposable gas canisters, which are available separately.

The rest of the Weber Q Barbecue range (excluding the Electric Weber Q BBQ) come with a 27mm Clip on propane regulator.

The Weber Q barbecue provides all the advantages of using a Weber Gas BBQ, and is a great alternative to using a Weber Charcoal BBQ.

The electric and Weber Q Gas Barbecue have a modern and compact design, however, they retain a large cooking surface for grilling a great deal of food.

Weber Q Barbecues

Gas barbecues offer a level of convenience and ease that charcoal barbecues do not. They are easy to light, provide uniform heating, and in the case of Weber Q barbecues they do not take up the same amount of space as their charcoal counterparts. Q Series barbecues from Weber are designed to let users take full advantage of these benefits with a small footprint and design.

Despite their stature, though, they still offer a large grilling area. They are ideal for taking away with you, are still powerful enough that they can be used in the garden when entertaining friends or family, and there is a great range of accessories and extra items that can help further enhance your barbecue experience.

What's more, they are all backed up by the name Weber, which has become synonymous with the manufacture of high quality, durable, and long lasting barbecues and outdoor grills. If you want the convenience of a gas barbecue but don't want to miss out on the authentic smokey flavour that a charcoal barbecue offers, you can even incorporate a woodchip smoker into your barbecue setup. You can also choose from a great range of colours to match your style.

At BBQWorld we have a large selection of Weber Q barbecues. We also stock accessories and even replacement parts, and we ensure that our prices remain competitive as well as offering regular discounts and price reductions on these and many other models of barbecue. Spend over £50 on your order and enjoy free UK delivery. Alternatively, you can call us with any questions or call in to see our full selection at Dawson's Department Store.

About Weber

Weber launched in 1952 with the design of the first kettle barbecue. Since then, it has become one of the biggest names in grills and barbecues, and while it is especially popular in the USA where it has its headquarters, the quality and versatility of the Weber range means that their products have also become popular throughout the world, including here in the UK.

Weber is known for its quality and durability. Their barbecues can last ten to 20 years or more, and most include a minimum of a 10 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your new barbecue will last longer than a couple of years. Weber grills go through rigorous quality control and testing before they are released to market, and every single unit sold has enjoyed this same high level of testing.

The Weber Q barbecue series, which includes gas barbecues and even an electric model, provide an affordable way of buying into this reputation and enjoying high quality and convenient outdoor cooking.

Portable Design

Gas barbecues are convenient. They light easily, get to cooking temperature quickly, and they are akin to cooking on a cooker in the kitchen. Add a smoker or, in the case of Weber Q grills, a flavorizer system, and you can also enjoy a more authentic barbecue taste.

The most notable feature of the Q Series from Weber is their portable size and form. They are lightweight, despite being tough and durable, and they are so portable that they can be put in the boot of your car and taken away with you, or they can be carried to a friend's house for a barbecue party in the garden.

Some models of the Q Series come with their own stand, but they can be removed from this stand for greater portability. This means that you have the choice of a permanent outdoor grill for your garden, or a portable BBQ that you can pack up and take away with you. The versatility of the Q Series is what has helped them become such a popular barbecue option.

Lid And Cookbox

The lid and cookbox elements of the Q Series are made of aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight but durable and long lasting. It is easy to clean and safe to cook food on and in. it will also withstand the heat that is produced when cooking on a barbecue, which means that the lid and cookbox will last without becoming tarnished or damaged.

The lid has also been designed so that the heat inside the grill circulates properly around the cooking area. This helps to maintain the perfect cooking environment, eliminating hot and cold spots and ensuring that you can enjoy great tasting food every time you turn the gas on.

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates in the Weber Q barbecues are made from cast iron. Cast iron is reassuringly heavy. The 2 part grills can be separated and removed easily, which will aid in the quick and easy cleaning of your cooking surfaces, while the material is safe to cook on too.

Cast iron is a great conductor of heat, so you won't lose any of the heat from your gas while cooking and you can enjoy the griddled barbecue effect that you see on steaks and barbecues when you eat professionally prepared grilled meat.


The burners are arguably the most important element in any gas barbecue. They provide the heat on which you will cook, and in the Weber Q barbecue they are constructed from high quality stainless steel which is safe and durable. Every burner is made from a single piece of steel. Because there are no joint or connections, it minimises the chances of damage and breakage, and it means that there is less chance of your burners rusting or needing replacing.

Flavorizer System

Weber first introduced Flavorizer bars in the Genesis barbecue back in 1985, and variants of this system have become commonplace in many modern grills and barbecues. The cast iron between the cooking grates is angled in such a way that they will catch drips from the food that is cooking, and these drips create a smoke that becomes infused in the food. While gas barbecues are not typically known for their smoky flavouring, the Flavorizer system helps provide exactly this style for any food that you prepare on the grill.

Grease Management System

The angled cookbox is not only great for catching fat from food and giving your meat a unique flavour, it also allows liquid grease to drip down the cookbox and land in the drip pan at the bottom. This drip pan can then be removed and the grease emptied safely and conveniently. The layout of the drip pans and the cooking surface means that there is also very little chance of flare ups being caused by the dripping fat, which can be a major problem with some grills.

Accessories And Other Items

At BBQWorld we like the portability and convenience that is offered by such a compact barbecue, and as well as stocking Weber Q barbecues, we also have a great selection of accessories to further enhance your barbecue owning and cooking experience. Buy covers to help protect your Q Series, roasting shields, roast racks, and side tables, as well as disposable butane bottles, adapter kits, and many more items.

Buy Weber Q Barbecues From BBQWorld

The Weber Q Series barbecue affords you the opportunity to enjoy the high quality of a Weber grill without having to buy a large gas model. The compact, portable Q grills are a great choice for those that have limited space as well as for those that like to take their barbecue with them when they travel or even just to visit friends and family.

At BBQWorld we have a full range of Weber barbecues, including the Q Series, and we also have a selection of accessories and other items that will help make owning and cooking on your barbecue an even more enjoyable experience. Buy online and enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50, call us with any questions, or call in to see us at Dawson's Department Store to see our full selection of barbecues, garden furniture, and homeware items.

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