BBQ Safety

Summer in the UK is a great for spending quality time with friends and family outside around a barbecue. BBQ safety, however, is an oft forgotten aspect of this popular past time, but if you remember the following tips your barbeques should go down without a hitch.
Choosing the right spot:
Before you even consider lighting the gas or charcoal, make sure that you have picked a suitable spot to place your BBQ. Barbeque grills are designed for outdoor use, so be sure to place it a safe distance away from your home and also ensure that there are no flammable objects above where the grill will be. Ventilation is of the utmost importance as carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.
Know your equipment:
All modern barbeques are supplied with an owner's manual for a reason. Read it and get to know how your particular barbeque works, whether it is a gas or fire BBQ. An important part of Barbeque safety is being familiar with the equipment involved to ensure that in the event of an accident occurring, you know and understand the correct procedures to follow.
Place grill on a flat surface:
By placing the BBQ on a flat surface, the chances of it falling over while in use are greatly reduced. The dangers of your barbeque falling over are obvious, with burns and objects catching fire being the two most dangerous ones, while damage to the barbeque itself can also occur.
Use the correct utensils and wear suitable clothing:
Using tongs or utensils with long handles is advisable to avoid being burnt and, to keep hot liquids from splashing onto you while grilling on your BBQ. Wearing the correct clothing is also advisable as any loose hanging clothing could potentially catch fire.
Be alert and keep an eye on the grill:
Always make sure that someone is with the BBQ to keep an eye on it and to ensure that nobody touches it as the body of the barbeque gets very hot and will burn skin when touched. Also have water or other suitable retardants available should the fire get out of control.
By following the above BBQ safety tips, you can ensure that your time with friends and family is enjoyable while staying safe.
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