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As the premier stockist of Napoleon in the UK we stock the full Napoleon BBQ range.

Napoleon Barbecues

Napoleon BBQ Welcome to BBQ World - home of the Napoleon Gas Barbecue. As the premier supplier of Napoleon Gas Barbecues products

We stock the full range of Napoleon barbecues, grills and accessories in our warehouse in Clitheroe, Lancashire and in our department stores in Clitheroe and Skipton for you to view but if you wish to view a specific model in store please call ahead to confirm.

Napoleon BBQ's & Accessories
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Napoleon BBQ Offers
Napoleon Charcoal Professional PRO605CSS Charcoal BBQ PLUS FREE COVER
Now £1,453.00
RRP £1,529.99
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Napoleon Oasis Compact Outdoor Kitchen PLUS ROTISSERIE KIT AND COVERS
id: ODK-BIG32
Now £5,699.00
RRP £5,999.00
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon Portable Charcoal Kettle Grill BBQ - 35 cm - NK14-LEG
id: NK14-LEG
Now £75.99
RRP £79.99
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Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill BBQ - 47 cm - NK18K-LEG
id: NK18K-LEG
Now £166.24
RRP £174.99
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In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill BBQ - 57 cm - NK22K-LEG-2
id: NK22CKL
Now £218.49
RRP £229.99
   Save 5%
Available Soon!
Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Portable Gas BBQ
id: PRO285
Now £284.99
RRP £299.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle BBQ 57 cm - PRO22K-LEG-2 Plus FREE ROTISSERIE KIT Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle BBQ 57 cm - PRO22K-LEG-2 Plus FREE ROTISSERIE KIT
id: PRO22K
Now £313.49
RRP £329.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285X with Cart Gas BBQ
id: PRO285X
Now £379.99
RRP £399.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon Phantom TravelQ PRO 285X with Cart Gas BBQ
id: PRO285XPHM
Now £427.49
RRP £449.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle with Cart BBQ - 57 cm - PRO22K-CART-2 Plus FREE ROTISSERIE KIT Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle with Cart BBQ - 57 cm - PRO22K-CART-2 Plus FREE ROTISSERIE KIT
Now £427.49
RRP £449.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
More About Napoleon Barbecues

We are able to despatch Napoleon barbecues throughout the U.K. many of which are on a 'next day' delivery service.

We aim to be competitive on all our Napoleon BBQ prices - If you see a Napoleon Grill listed elsewhere for less please let us know and we'll try to match the price.

The Napoleon barbecue range includes infrared BBQs as well as the infrared grills that they have become known for. At BBQWorld we also stock a large variety of Napoleon covers, utensils and accessories, and we have the Napoleon patio flame and we are able to offer free next day delivery on most orders made through our website. The range includes portable and standard charcoal barbecues as well as gas and infrared Napoleon gas barbecues.

The Canadian manufacturer has been producing barbecues for more than 30 years. Long warranties and extensive guarantees are helping to promote the Napoleon brand in the UK, although they remain a relative unknown in the UK barbecue world. Infrared sizzle zones and charcoal trays are just some of the innovative features that are found in a lot of the gas barbecue range from Napoleon.

It is the quality and the additional features of Napoleon gas barbecues that make them such a strong choice for a back garden barbecue.

Charcoal BBQs
Charcoal barbecues offer an authentic grilling experience. They allow you to create smoky and great tasting burgers and other meat. They enable you to cook garlic bread, corn on the cob, and a host of other dishes wrapped in foil and placed in the coals. It is difficult to replicate the flavours and the heating experience that charcoal grills have to offer.

When using a charcoal barbecue, setting up multiple heating zones allows you to cook food at different heats and at different rates. This means that you can store the food that you have already cooked while you wait to serve it. It also allows you to slow cook some food and grill other food more quickly. An alternative to this setup, offered by a number of Napoleon gas BBQ models, is the use of infrared sizzle zones.

Infrared Sizzle Zones
Infrared sizzle zones use infrared heating technology, rather than convection heating. This method of grilling ensures that the moisture layer around food isn't disturbed. The end result is that food retains more of its own moisture while cooking. This is also important for vegetables, but it is especially important for cooking meat.

Barbecuing meat tends to leave pieces of dried out meat that has virtually no moisture left in it; the outside is burned to a char and the inside is lacking in the juices that help make it so tender.

The sizzle zone heats up to 1800� F allowing you to sear meat. Create great tasting and perfectly cooked steaks without having to constantly turn the meat, as you would when cooking over charcoal or over gas burners.

A Napoleon gas BBQ may feature a rear infrared sizzle zone or side zone. Both offer the same features and the same cooking capability, and this means improved energy efficiency and reduced energy waste, as well as an improved cooking experience.

Charcoal Trays
Napoleon gas barbecues also incorporate charcoal trays. These trays sit above the gas burner, and the gas is used to heat and burn the charcoal. This means that you can enjoy the reliability and uniform heating that gas has to offer, while still enjoying the authentic taste of charcoal grilled food. Simply fill the tray with charcoal and place it in the barbecue above the gas burner, light the burner, and you will be ready to cook in just a few minutes.

Napoleon Gas Barbecues
Napoleon gas barbecues include a host of features that you will struggle to find in barbecues by other brands. The charcoal trays used over the main burners, and rear or side infrared burners, combine to give great tasting food and convenient cooking. What's more, they are made from long-lasting and durable materials to help ensure that they last for longer without rusting and without becoming damaged, even while they are stored during winter.

Built In Barbecues
Napoleon also offers a number of built-in barbecue options. These are especially useful if you have a built in grilling or barbecuing area in your garden. The barbecue can be fitted under a preparation unit, onto decking, or into any built section of the garden, patio, or decking. You can create an outdoor kitchen at virtually any outdoor space.

Stainless Steel
Most of the Napoleon gas barbecues are made from, or with, stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to atmospheric and weather conditions, which means that you can store your barbecue outdoors or in a shed or garage. While it would still prove beneficial to use a barbecue cover to offer further protection from the rain, as well as protection from dirt, debris, and other potential forms of damage.

Napoleon also manufactures and provides high quality barbecue accessories. Made from stainless steel, these accessories are designed to make the barbecuing experience easier, or to allow you to create better tasting and more impressive barbecue foods.

Thermometers enable you to check the temperature of your cooking area, while probe thermometers also enable you to accurately measure the temperature of meat and other food, as it is cooking. Marinade injectors, basting brushes, and basting mops can prepare food better before cooking. Chicken roasters, grease trays, rib racks, and kebab sets make cooking specific dishes easier, while scrubbing brushes and abrasive scrubs make cleaning your grill easier once you've finished cooking.

No matter how much care you take over your Napoleon gas barbecue, no matter how well you clean it, and no matter how well your fitted barbecue is installed, problems can still occur and damage can still happen. At BBQWorld we have replacements for your gas barbecue and fitted barbecues, which means that you can prolong the life of your Napoleon gas BBQ and continue to enjoy a great outdoor cooking experience.

BBQWorld Gas Barbecue Range
Buy any gas barbecue from BBQWorld to enjoy fast delivery, typically resulting in your purchase being delivered to your door next day. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders over �50, and our extensive catalogue of gas barbecues from Napoleon, Outback, Weber, and other manufacturers, along with our stock of replacement parts and grilling accessories, means that you can find everything you need in order to create the perfect BBQ setup for your needs.

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