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When buying a gas barbecue it is important to know which bottles can be used with the barbecue. Most of the gas bbqs we sell come complete with a 27mm clip on propane regulator. But what exactly does this mean?

Put simply it means all you need to source is the bottle with the correct fitting and your ready to start grilling! Gas bottles are available from a range our places including garden centres, DIY stores and some larger petrol stations. You can also buy these online direct from the supplier. Unfortunately we are unable to sell these due to delivery restrictions.

A lot of older gas barbecues were designed to run off Butane (blue bottles) but Butane and Propane do burn at different temperatures so we would not recommend trying to use Butane on any of the gas barbecues we sell. A lot of gas stockist are happy to swap an old Butane bottle for the new Propane type (check with your local gas supplier)

Please see the links below to various companies offering delivery of gas bottles.

Calor Patio Gas - FloGas Leisure Gas.

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