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Pit Boss Pellet Grill Barbecues Pit Boss Grills shun the whole charcoal vs gas debate, utilising wood pellets to offer the flavour of a charcoal barbecue but with a more convenient, less messy, and more flexible cooking range. Although still new to the market compared to charcoal and gas, pellet grills are becoming increasingly popular, especially with those that want to replicate professional grilling quality and produce a huge range of meat and other dishes.

Pit Boss BBQ's & Accessories
Why Pit Boss Barbecues?
Pit Boss Barbecues
Pit Boss Sportsman 2 Grey Gas BBQ
id: 10752
Price £359.00
RRP £399.00
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Pit Boss PB150 Navigator Portable Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10805
Price £449.00
RRP £449.00
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Pit Boss PBV3D1 Digital Electric Vertical Smoker Pit Boss PBV3D1 Digital Electric Vertical Smoker
id: 10600
Price £499.00
RRP £549.00
   Save 9%
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Pit Boss PB2BGD2 Ultimate Plancha with Removable Top - 2 Burner
id: 10807
Price £549.00
RRP £599.00
   Save 8%
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Pit Boss PB550 Navigator Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10613
Price £649.00
RRP £849.00
   Save 24%
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Pit Boss PB3BGD2 Ultimate Plancha with Removable Top - 3 Burner
id: 10810
Price £699.00
RRP £699.00
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Pit Boss PB1000XLWL Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill Pit Boss PB1000XLWL Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10663
Price £749.00
RRP £949.00
   Save 21%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Pit Boss PB850 Navigator Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10615
Price £799.00
RRP £999.00
   Save 20%
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Pit Boss PB1150 Navigator Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10616
Price £999.00
RRP £1,199.00
   Save 17%
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Pit Boss PBMEMU1 Memphis Ultimate Combo Gas and Charcoal BBQ/Smoker
id: 10617
Price £999.00
RRP £1,299.00
   Save 23%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Pit Boss PB1230CN Navigator Combo Wood Pellet Grill and Gas BBQ
id: 10618
Price £999.00
RRP £1,299.00
   Save 23%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Pit Boss PBV24CB Champion Barrel Charcoal Smoker
id: 10806
Price £1,099.00
RRP £1,099.00
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Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Wifi Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10831
Price £1,199.99
RRP £1,199.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 Wifi Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10832
Price £1,399.00
RRP £1,399.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Wifi Wood Pellet Grill
id: 10804
Price £1,699.00
RRP £1,699.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
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Pit Boss Grills not only offer one of the most affordable ways to enjoy pellet grilling, but they also incorporate a digital temperature control board, and there is a selection of grill models that offer cooking space for between 4 and 8 people or more. The company not only manufactures the grills, but also a selection of accessories, utensils, and other items, that can further enhance your enjoyment of outdoor grilling and cooking. If you really enjoy preparing meals outdoors, love the taste of a charcoal barbecue, but don't want the associated fuss and mess, then Pit Boss grills are ideal because they offer the best of all worlds.

Browse all Pit Boss Grills on the BBQ World website and enjoy free UK delivery on �50 orders. Not only do we stock the grills, but we also have a large catalogue of accessories, utensils, tools, and other items from Pit Boss and other major barbecue and grill manufacturers. Alternatively, give us a call with any questions about the products or services that we offer, or come in and see us at Dawson's Department Store, where you can see our full homeware and gardenware range.

About Pit Boss Grills

Pit Boss Grills is a part of Dansons, which was established by Dan Thiessen and his two sons, Jeff and Jordan, in 1999. The company is known for manufacturing durable, high quality, and functional pellet grills and accessories. They make grills that range in size from a portable grill to the Pit Boss Austin XL, which is designed for those that regularly entertain and enjoy cooking outdoors. The company say that they not only want to manufacture high quality pellet grills but become an integral part of the growing pellet grill community.

The Benefits Of Pellet Grills

Pit Boss Grills are one of a relatively small number of companies that manufacture pellet grills. Most barbecues use either charcoal or gas, and the debate over which is better still wages on. Traditionalists prefer the natural flavour of the charcoal barbecue, while gas barbecue lovers point to the uniformity, ease, and the speed at which gas barbecues heat up. Pellets combine the benefits of both of these heating methods, and throw in a few unique benefits of their own.

Pellet grills give the same great flavour as charcoal barbecues, although the exact smoky flavour you attain will depend on the flavour and aroma of the wood chips used. They heat up quickly and uniformly, which not only means that the grill is ready to cook on sooner than a charcoal barbecue, but the uniformity of the burn means that it is possible to accurately control and manage temperature too.

Once lit, the pellet grill will provide uniform heating throughout the cooking environment. Many users will point to the flexibility of wood pellet barbecues as being their biggest benefit. They can be used to prepare almost any dish, ranging from burgers and sausages to whole chickens and steaks. With a cold smoker, it is also possible to make smoked cheese and smoked salmon dishes.


The Pit Boss 700FB offers a choice of direct or indirect cooking. It offers automated temperature control between 82c and 260c, which means that it is a versatile and flexible grilling option. The 700FB is the smaller Pit Boss model, but it still provides more than enough room to prepare food for between 4 and 6 people. It has a porcelain coated cast iron cooking surface, and is a strong, durable, and rugged outdoor grill that is ideal for any family barbecue or small get together.


The 700D is the deluxe, upgraded version of the 700FB. It has an upgraded cart, including a locking castor wheel. It also has a side table that is ideal for preparing food ready for the grill, while the addition of utensil hooks make this a convenient alternative that only costs a little more than the standard 700FB model.


A further upgrade to the 700 range is available, in the shape of the 700SC. As well as the locking castor wheel, the 700SC also includes a complete cabinet enclosure. The cabinet is ideal for storage, and provides a convenient place for you to store extra wood pellets, utensils, and other items that you don't need to use everyday. The Pit Boss grill includes a 9.5kg hopper, which is more than enough to prepare any dish you want without having to keep refilling the hopper.


The Pit Boss 820FB is an advanced and large pellet grill, with enough cooking space to prepare food for any get together. It has an upper porcelain coated cooking rack which, combined with the 5277 square metre cooking space, enables you to prepare and maintain multiple dishes of different types. It even has a sliding broiler plate, which means that you can combine direct and indirect cooking methods, allowing you to make a series of dishes that will suit the tastes of all your guests.


After investing in a pellet grill, you will want to keep your investment in as good a condition as possible. No matter how often or how quickly you clean the grill, putting it in the shed for winter, or leaving it out on the patio during wind and rain, will gradually cause wear and tear. The collection of dirt and debris means that it will be harder to clean when you next want to use your Pit Boss grill too.

Using a grill cover negates the need for as much cleaning, although you will probably still want to give it a bit of a clean if it has been stood unused for months at a time, and it helps protect your outdoor grill from the rain, the sun, and from dirt and debris. Buy the cover that is designed for use on your grill, because the tight fit will prevent it from slipping and getting caught and dragged away by the wind.


Pit Boss manufactures a good range of pellet grills, and they also make products to enhance the cooking experience. Using utensils designed specifically for use on the grill means that they are made from durable materials that are designed to be used over an open fire. You can buy a selection of utensils including meat claws to help pull meat apart or scour the outside of large joints of meat. The 2 piece tool set incorporates a set of tongs, a basting brush to make it even easier to add flavour and moisture to your meat, and a spatula.


You can also buy any of a number of accessories that are designed to enhance or improve the cooking experience. Some accessories are designed for cooking specific types of food. Buy a bacon rack or rib rack to cook bacon and ribs respectively. Buy a marinade injector to ensure that your flavoursome marinade gets right into the meat, and a thermometer to better measure the temperature of meat and other food that you cook. You can even buy a sauce pot that is designed for use on the Pit Boss grills.

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