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Char-Broil Barbecues BBQ World is the official website of Dawson's Department Store. We stock a large range and extensive variety of some of the best barbecues money can buy. Whether you're a keen outdoor chef, or you want a simple grill that you can use to cook a few burgers, we have the models for you. Our accessories and spare parts can also further enhance your grilling experience.

Char-Broil Barbecues
Char-Broil Hose and Regulator
id: 200700
Now £24.99
RRP £24.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Kettleman Charcoal BBQ
id: 140756
Now £169.00
RRP £199.99
   Save 15%
Available Soon!
Char Broil Convective 2 Burner Gas BBQ C-21G
id: 468200915
Now £209.00
RRP £249.00
   Save 16%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char Broil Convective 4 Burner Gas BBQ C-46G
id: 468201115
Now £325.00
RRP £419.00
   Save 22%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil All-Star120 Black Gas BBQ
id: 140881
Now £341.99
RRP £379.99
   Save 10%
Available Soon!
Char Broil Performance TRU Infrared 3 Burner Gas BBQ Char Broil Performance TRU Infrared 3 Burner Gas BBQ
id: 468201915S
Now £374.99
RRP £439.00
   Save 15%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil All-Star120 Black Electric BBQ
id: 140891
Now £399.99
RRP £399.99
Available Soon!
Char-Broil Performance 340 Black - Special Purchase with Free Cover Gas BBQ
id: 140729
Now £419.00
RRP £439.99
   Save 5%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Gas2Coal 440 Hybrid Grill
id: 140757
Now £579.99
RRP £579.99
Available Soon!
Char-Broil Ultimate Entertainment Modular Kitchen
id: 140905
Now £1,199.00
RRP £1,499.99
   Save 20%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Cover For Big Easy Gas Smoker
id: 140506
Now £19.99
RRP £19.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Regulator Adaptor Kit for PB180/X200
id: 140532
Now £24.99
RRP £24.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Cover For Digital Smoker
id: 140763
Now £24.99
RRP £24.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil All-Star Cooling Basket
id: 140391
Now £34.99
RRP £34.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil 2 Burner Grill Cover
id: 140384
Now £39.99
RRP £39.99
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil 3-4 Burner Grill Cover
id: 140766
Now £44.99
RRP £49.99
   Save 10%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Char-Broil Cover For Titan
id: 140575
Now £99.00
RRP £99.00
In Stock - green tick Yes
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About Char-broil Grills

The first Charbroil barbecue was sold in the 1920s and the Char-Broil 19 is believed to be the first cast iron charcoal grill on the market. The early designs consisted of a steel drum and just two years later, the company also introduced electric grills. These early grills benefited from innovative features like an anti-wobble design, the introduction of a wide viewing window, and a shutter grid.

The Charbroil name continues to innovate and has produced innovative grills and accessories for nearly 100 years. They offer exceptional value for money, and whether you want a portable barbecue that you can take with you on holiday or use in the back garden, you can still enjoy innovative features like infrared burners, innovative grates that prevent food debris from falling through, and hinged lids.

BBQ World Charbroil Grills And Accessories

At BBQ World we sell the latest models of Charbroil BBQ, as well as accessories like a Char Broil grill cover, and Charbroil replacement parts. If you spend more than 50 on barbecues, grills, accessories, and parts, we will deliver to your UK home address free of charge.

Grill2Go Portable BBQs

The Grill2Go is one of the company's latest additions to their portable grill range. The sturdy design means that the barbecue won't be easily damaged, even if it is packed in the back of the car with all the bags and items that you take on holiday with you.

The gas-powered barbecue uses disposable gas canisters, which are also easy to transport, and as well as being able to use these models for your holidays, on the beach, or at a local park (with permission), it is also a great choice for people with limited garden space.

The Charbroil Bistro Range

The Bistro collection of Char Broil grills range from small and portable units to bigger models that are raised from the ground. The ground units are made from strong and durable materials. They won't rust, they are very difficult to damage, and they won't scorch the floor or the table underneath. Although they are sold as patio units, they are a strong alternative to the Grill2Go model if you are looking for a portable barbecue.

Charcoal Charbroil BBQ Models

The Kettleman charcoal barbecue is a traditional charcoal grill, in the traditional kettle shape, and that is powered by charcoal. While a lot of buyers prefer the convenience and uniform cooking capabilities of gas Charbroil barbecues, there are still many keen chefs and cooks that prefer the traditional smoky and intense flavour that is offered by charcoal. It has beneficial features like a lid thermometer and is a popular choice with people looking for an affordable but high quality BBQ.

The Dual Fuel Gas2Coal

The Gas2Coal grill is another of the innovative Char Broil grills that we have for sale. In as little as 60 seconds, you can change over from gas cooking to cooking on charcoal. No tools are required to change fuel source, and it means that you can cook specific foods on your preferred cooking medium.

The Charbroil grill also includes features like a side table for placing food before cooking or when it's fully prepared, a tool rack to store your cooking utensils when not being used, and there's a hood mounted thermometer that enables you to check the internal cooking temperature of this and many other Charbroil grills.

Smokers And Barbecue Smokers

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Smoker is a charcoal powered smoker. It has a chimney to allow excess smoke to escape and for the flow of air around the grill. It also has multiple dampers and easy fire access so that you can accurately control the temperature at which you cook.

This Char Broil grill is especially useful for preparing large pieces of meat that need to be cooked slowly and over a long period of time. It has a large expanse of internal cooking space, so that you can cook large pieces of meat or prepare multiple meat and other dishes at the same time.

Char Broil Accessories And Charbroil Parts

As well as stocking Char-Broil grills we, at BBW World, also have a selection of accessories and Char Broil parts. Buy a Char Broil rotisserie kit to cook succulent and uniformly prepared meat. Ensure that you have a full selection of cooking utensils, and buy a Charbroil grill cover.

The cover helps to protect your barbecue from the weather and from dirt and debris, and it is a great way to protect your new Charbroil BBQ either during the winter months when not in use, or at the end of the day while still being left outside.

We sell spares and Char Broil infrared grill parts. The infrared technology used in some models of barbecue enable you to quickly and properly sear meat. This means that the juices are locked in, preventing the meat from becoming dry and dark. The infrared grill section is especially suited to cooking steaks, but has a multitude of uses.

Although Charbroil BBQ grills are long-lasting and durable, accidents can happen, and this means that you may need to buy replacement infrared and other grill parts.

Buy Charbroil BBQ And Accessories From BBQ World

You can buy any of our stock of Charbroil BBQ models and accessories directly from our secure online shopping cart.

Alternatively, if you want help picking the best grill for your needs why not call in to Dawson's Department Store and look at everything we have to offer, or you can ring us and speak to one of the team if you have specific questions to ask about any of the Charbroil BBQs we sell. Shop today and receive your grill in the next few days, and remember that if you spend 50 or more, you receive free delivery on your goods too.