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Broil King Pellet Grills

Broil King is a North American manufacturer of gas and charcoal barbecues, accessories, and other outdoor lifestyle products. Founded more than 100 years ago, the brand has become synonymous with the manufacture of high quality and durable barbecues.

As well as making award winning gas barbecues, Onward Manufacturing Company is also known for creating Broil King Keg Barbecues; a komodo style keg that utilises cast iron, heavy duty grids, a design that is easy to maintain and clean, and smart features like the lid thermometer that helps ensure that you get the best results whenever you cook. There is a selection of sizes of keg barbecue available, offering users a cooking surface for themselves and the whole family.

Broil King Pellet Grills
Broil King Regal Smoke Charcoal Offset 500 Smoker
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Broil King Kamado Keg 5000 Charcoal BBQ
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Broil King Regal Pellet 500 Smoker and Pellet Grill BBQ
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More About Broil King Pellet Grills

You can also pick up functional and useful accessories that will further enhance the outdoor cooking experience. At BBQWorld, we offer both the Broil King Keg 2000 and 5000 models, as well as a varied selection of utensils and accessories, covers, and more. We are the official barbecue website of Dawson's Department Store. Not only can you enjoy great quality products, and excellent customer service, but we also offer free delivery on all orders placed over �50, so you can have your new grill delivered straight to your door, at no extra cost.

About Broil King

The company behind Broil King was founded at the turn of the 20th Century, in Ontario, Canada. Throughout the 20th Century, the Onward Manufacturing Company designed and distributed home appliances, including cookers and freezers. In 1989, the brand started manufacturing gas barbecues using jacuzzi technology that they had acquired years earlier. In 2010, Onward Manufacturing Company bought the rights to the Big Steel Keg line of kamado grills, which they have since rebranded to Broil King Keg barbecues. These Keg barbecues offer a number of features that make them extremely popular not only in Canada, but across the world, including here in the UK.

Lid Thermometer

Kamado style grills are popular because they allow for convection heating, as well as direct cooking. The heat flows around the design, providing full and uniform heat coverage for the food inside, and by choosing the right cooking surface, or grill, you can create a huge range of different food types and dishes. In order to help control the heat inside the keg, and to ensure that you are safely barbecuing the food inside, there is a lid thermometer. This enables you to maintain the exact temperature on which you want to cook.

Damper Control

The design of the keg barbecue also means that it is possible to control the temperature of the grill by adding or removing air to the bowl. This is achieved using the camper control on top of Broil King keg barbecues. Open the damper to allow more air to flow, or close it to restrict airflow and minimise flames. The multi-tool damper control allows you to control the temperature of the cooking area.

Heavy Duty Materials

Throughout the design of the keg barbecue, you will find high quality materials that are chosen for their strength and durability. The cast iron grills are reassuringly strong, and the cast iron maintains the level of heat that you want. Handles are made from heavy duty resin, so they will withstand the operating temperature of the grill without becoming damaged or broken. The barbecue itself is made using a dual wall steel construction, which not only helps keep heat in but also means that your new grill is virtually impossible to damage.

The Keg Shape

The keg, or kamado, style of the barbecue is designed for efficient convection style heating. Once the coal has reached the desired temperature, and you maintain this temperature using the airflow damper control, good will cook evenly and uniformly once inside the barbecue. Flare-ups are minimised, and no matter where you place your food, they will cook thoroughly and evenly.

Intelligent Design

There is a host of intelligent features included in the Broil King keg barbecue. The lid has a latch and lock mechanism. This is used to create a tight seal around the opening of the barbecue, while the powder coated finish looks good and makes it easy to operate the barbecue even when it is at peak temperature. The barbecue also has a robust stand, which will easily take the full weight of the barbecue, and there is a shelf under the cooking surface that can be used to hold charcoal, tools, and other items.

Broil King 2000 Keg Barbecue

There are two main models of keg barbecue from Broil King. The Keg 2000 has 280 square inches of cooking surface and a surprisingly small footprint. It can be used to barbecue traditional dishes like burgers and steaks, as well as ribs and other cuts of meat, and it can also be used to slow cook pieces of pork or beef, thanks to its convection design and the control that is offered through the airflow control features.

The Broil King 5000 Barbecue

The heavy duty Broil King 5000 keg barbecue offers even more cooking space; 480 square inches of it, in fact, which is enough to comfortably prepare food for a whole family. It also has a steel base and charcoal finish, looks great, and it is the most versatile kamado style barbecue that Broil King offers.

As well as damper controls on top of the unit, like those on the 2000 keg barbecue, you will also find additional air control around the cooking area, providing even more control over the temperature that you cook at. It even comes with a hitch adapter that lets you attach it to the back of a vehicle using a trailer hitch. What's more, it has a secondary cooking rack, giving you extra space on which to cook your favourite grilled food. This is the most powerful Broil King keg barbecue, and one of the most versatile keg barbecues from any company. Other Accessories

At BBQWorld we not only sell the Keg 200 and Keg 500 barbecues, but we also have a host of Broil King accessories that are perfect for use with your new kamado grill. Pizza stone kits and griddles enable you to cook food in a greater variety of different ways. A Chimney Starter makes lighting the barbecue easier and also enables you to enjoy a full smoked flavour from your next dish. Meat hooks, grip handles, and V Racks are among some of the other accessories that we have available.


One of the most important barbecue accessories is the cover. This enables you to offer protection to your grill, throughout the year and wherever you keep it. While the Keg barbecues are made from cast iron, double walled steel, and other high grade materials, using a cover that is specifically designed for the model of barbecue that you possess enables you to enjoy even greater protection. You can stop damage caused by the elements, and you can prevent any dirt, debris, and dust collecting on your grill even while it is stowed away during the winter months.

Buy Broil King Keg Barbecues From BBQWorld

Broil King barbecues are made to last, and offer uniform cooking of a host of different dishes. You can cook everything from pizza to burger on a single grill, because you can enjoy total control over the cooking temperature and the temperature of the grill itself. Combine your new grill with the accessories that are offered by Broil King and you can enjoy even more functionality and benefit.