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space grill bbq Fast to install, simple step by step mounting instructions, Patented automatic fold-down drip-tray means NO MESS, Perfect for all home types from small units to luxury homes, 3 separate individual ignition burners means fast starting. Multiple cooking plates with reversible flat / grill designs. Open flame grill plate option included for healthy cooking. Sleek modern design that adds value to your home Folds away in seconds, saves room and reduces clutter. No more ugly BBQs to look at, your guests will love it. Chef-grade, stainless steel rust resistance for longevity. The lid doubles as a splash-back to protect your home. No other BBQ can do all of this!

Space Grill Barbecues

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Space Grill is a relatively new Australian company, but they have already made a name and reputation for themselves with the Space Grill folding grill. Many of us love the taste of freshly prepared, grilled food, and we love to prepare and eat great tasting food in the garden, but space can be limited and not all of us have the room for a good quality barbecue.

City dwellers, and those with very limited outdoor space, are especially restricted, and the addition of a barbecue can take up a lot of the space that we do have. With the Space Grill, you do not need to compromise on quality, just to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor grill, and because it is gas powered, you can enjoy uniform and high quality cooking. Alternatively, you can buy a charcoal tray accessory that lets you convert it to a traditional coal barbecue, with the traditional smoky flavour that this has to offer. Safety is paramount with any barbecue, especially gas models and especially with those that are designed to be attached to a wall and folded away, and Space Grill has surpassed itself in this area too.

It really is a convenient and powerful option for those of us that don't want to take up large amounts of space that we don't necessarily have. Buy your Space Grill from BBQ World and enjoy free delivery, which is included in any order over 50, or call us with any questions about this or our other products and we will be happy to help. You can even call in and see us at Dawson's Department Store, where we have a massive selection of barbecues, gardenware, and homeware.

Less Space

Advanced grills and barbecues tend to have a very large footprint, and some models are completely immobile. Once you have placed the grill where you want it, you will be hard pressed to be able to move it around. However, buying a portable or space saving model usually means that you end up with less cooking power, less space on the grill itself, and fewer features and advanced options.

Until now, there hasn't really been a viable grill that offers the best of both worlds, but that is exactly what the Space Grill does - it provides all of the features of a gas barbecue, such as uniform cooking temperature and minimal waiting times, with the convenience of a space saving model. The grill folds up and leans against the wall that it is attached to. Unfold it when you want to use it, and fold it away again once you've finished cooking and cleaning your new outdoor kitchen.

Advanced Cooking Features

The Space Grill is designed primarily to save space. Usually this would mean that it has limited functionality and only a very small cooking area. If you've ever bought a portable barbecue, you will understand the difficulties that this offers. They are convenient, but they simply don't offer the same level of experience as some of the more advanced models of grill.

The Space Grill is a gas barbecue with electric ignition. It has three burners, which means plenty of room for cooking food even if you are entertaining friends and family. It has a drip tray and even a splashback, which helps prevent damage to the wall or other objects behind the grill. It has a reversible grill plate, which is made from cast iron, and it has all of this despite taking up minimal room in your outdoor space. You can prepare food that tastes as good as any barbecued food can taste.

Stainless Steel Design

The Space Grill is durable and high quality. It is made from stainless steel which is chosen for its durability and because it is a rust proof material, which is essential for a barbecue that will be left outdoors. It also makes it safe to cook your food on, and stainless steel is very easy to maintain. Wait for the grill to cool down, wipe it with a damp cloth, and you should find that your grill looks as good as it did before you started cooking.

Cooking On Gas

There is a lot of debate over whether charcoal or gas barbecues are better. On the one hand, purists believe that charcoal is the only option because of the unique flavour that it gives your food. On the other hand, a lot of people prefer a gas barbecue because it is easier and quicker to operate, takes less preparation and has a shorter preparation time before it reaches a desirable cooking temperature.

Gas also ensures uniform cooking temperatures, so you won't find yourself eating food that is cooked on one half and under cooked on the other. While it is a question of personal taste and preference, there are certainly very good reasons to opt for gas, and if you do want an authentic charcoal flavour, you can always add a smoker and wood chips to your installation. The Space Grill connects to a butane gas tank but can easily be converted to work with natural gas so can be connected to the mains gas supply.

Alternatively, you can even buy a charcoal tray accessory so that you can use a gas burner underneath the coal tray. You still enjoy a lot of the benefits of a gas barbecue, but you also benefit from the great smoky taste of a coal barbecue.

Great Looking And Functional Design

The Space Grill is designed to fit securely to an external wall. The brackets attach directly to the wall, and the grill folds away. When you want to use it, you simply unfold the grill and start cooking, and once you've finished you can fold it back up again. This means that it does not take up any room when not in use, and you only need to unfold it into the garden, patio, or even the balcony when you are actually cooking food on it.

Other features include a stainless steel splashback. This sits against the wall and prevents grease and heat from damaging the wall that it is attached to. It has been designed to prevent the transfer of heat from the barbecue to the wall, so it won't cause any damage either.

The sleek modern design is also ideal for most outdoor areas. Its size means that it can be used on a patio of decking area, and it can even be added to the most restricted of balcony spaces. It takes just 10 seconds to unfold the barbecue ready for cooking and the pivoting design of the brackets means that it is really easy to fold and unfold without requiring a demanding workout to achieve it.

Buy The Space Grill From BBQ World

The Space Grill is unique and innovative. There are portable and small barbecues available that are designed for use in limited space, but they tend to sacrifice cooking features, and it is especially difficult to find a gas barbecue in these ranges. The Space Grill is a gas barbecue with a massive cooking surface and three burners. It is perfect for those that live in cities and would otherwise struggle to incorporate a BBQ into their outdoor design, but it would benefit anybody that doesn't want to take up half their garden with an outdoor kitchen.

Buy your Space Grill from BBQ World and enjoy free delivery on any order over 50. We stock barbecues and accessories from major and established manufacturers like Weber, but we expect Space Grill to continue to gain in popularity while also introducing new and additional models.

Call us with any questions you have about the Space Grill or, if you want to see one for yourself before deciding to buy, call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can see our full range of barbecues, garden furniture, and homeware items.

Space Grill BBQ

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