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Napoleon Infra Red Burner Upgrade - BIPRO665

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Whats Included?

1 x Napoleon Infra Red Burner Upgrade - BIPRO665 - N3700729

Product Description

The Napoleon N370-0729 Infra Red Burner Conversion Kit for Built In PRO 665 Models allows the replacement of one of the existing internal burners with a high temperature sizzle zone sear burner ideal for searing steaks to widen the grilling options available on the Napoleon BIPRO665.

Most people don’t realize that the heat source we are most familiar with, our sun, warms the earth using mainly infrared energy. This is a form of electro-magnetic energy with a wavelength just greater than the red end of the visible light spectrum but less than a radio wave.

This energy was discovered in 1800 by Sir William Herschel who dispersed sunlight into its component colors using a prism. He showed that most of the heat in the beam fell into the spectral region just beyond the red end of the spectrum, where no visible light existed. Most materials readily absorb infrared energy in a wide range of wavelengths, causing an increase in its temperature. The same phenomenon causes us to feel warmth when we are exposed to sunlight.

The infrared rays from the sun travel through the vacuum of space, through the atmosphere, and penetrate our skin. This causes increased molecular activity in the skin, which creates internal friction and generates heat, allowing us to feel warmth. Foods cooked over infrared heat sources are heated by the same principle. Charcoal grilling is our most familiar choice for infrared cooking. The glowing briquettes emit infrared energy to the food being cooked with very little drying effect. Any juices or oils that escape from the food drip onto the charcoal and vaporize into smoke giving the food its delicious grilled taste.

The Napoleon infrared burner cooks in the same way. In each burner, 10,000 ports – each with its own tiny flame – cause the surface of the ceramic tile to glow red. This glow emits the same type of infrared heat to the food as charcoal, without its hassle or mess. Infrared burners also provide a more consistently heated area that is far easier to regulate than a charcoal fire. For instant searing, the burners can be set to high, yet they can also be turned down for slower cooking. We all know how difficult that is on a charcoal fire.

Traditional gas burners heat the food in a different way. The air surrounding the burner is heated by the combustion process and then rises to the food being cooked. This generates lower grill temperatures that are ideal for more delicate cuisine such as seafood or vegetables, whereas Napoleon’s infrared burners produce searing heat for juicier, tastier steaks, hamburgers and other meats.


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Technical Information

Napoleon N370-0729 Infra Red Burner Conversion Kit for Napoleon BIPRO665 Models

Internal infrared burner
Will need some simple installation.
All necessary fittings included
Suitable for use with both Propane and Natural Gas Versions of the Napoleon BIPRO665

Installation and operating instructions must be observed.

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