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Dancook BBQ BBQ World provides cutting edge and elegant products from Dancook. With advanced designs and multipurpose functionality, you can cook an easy, scrumptious outdoor meal on the terrace, in the garden or even at the beach. Easy Grilling - Dancook BBQs are made from stainless steel and aluminium; they feature a resilient grid, and are generally manufactured in a one -piece frame. This rugged design provides stability and durability, giving you the chance to have tasty, outdoor get-togethers for years to come

Dancook BBQ Range
Dancook Spit - 62cm Box BBQ
id: 130106
Now £4.99
RRP £6.99
   Save 29%
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Dancook Aluminium Trays L - 10 pack
id: 120146
Now £6.99
RRP £9.99
   Save 30%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Dancook Roast Rack
id: 120143
Now £10.49
RRP £14.99
   Save 30%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Dancook Rib Rack
id: 120141
Now £12.59
RRP £17.99
   Save 30%
In Stock - green tick Yes
Dancook Digital Thermometer
id: 120147
Now £31.49
RRP £44.99
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In Stock - green tick Yes
Dancook Aluminium Side Table - 1800/1900
id: 120121
Now £49.99
RRP £64.99
   Save 23%
In Stock - green tick Yes
More About Charcoal Barbecues

Some of the other advantages of owning one of these handy grills include:

Pre-heated combustion air - This feature increases thermal efficiency by reducing the useful heat lost during cooking.

Patented liner that secures embers and ash - Cleaning up after a meal is a breeze; all you need to do is empty this convenient catchment container and rinse.

Extended side table - You can pull this out to store cooked meat or vegetables, making space for new items to be put on the grill.

Sizzling Perfection - We stock grills that function like portable outdoor kitchens, allowing you to entertain with ease, whether you're roasting vegetables or a special cut of meat. The Dancook products in our collection include different versions of the Charcoal and the Bonfire BBQ, these fine items offer a comprehensive list of accessories, such as: BBQ covers, Firepits, Holders, Charcoal dividers.

At BBQ World, we bring you top-quality items to suit your culinary needs. Our grills and accessories make your cooking experience easy and efficient - and they fit perfectly into just about any garden sanctuary.

The Dancook brand creates products designed for outdoor cooking and socialising. Now you can make scrumptious meals whenever and wherever you like. Browse our product list today.

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