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Local Delivery or Collection Only
Ex Display BBQ's at BBQWorld

Browse our ex-Display and returned barbecue models below. These barbecues are only available for collection or local delivery only - See each product for details. For more information please contact us on 01200 421010.

Current Ex-Display Range
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More About our Ex-Display BBQ Range

With big savings on our ex-display barbecues and customer returned barbecues you save more while purchasing quality grills that are still in good condition. Not only is this one of the best deals in terms of monetary value, but also because of the fact that they come pre-assembled, making them readily usable upon collection or delivery. You'd be hard-pressed to find a quality ex-display BBQ anywhere else at such a bargain price, and yet still functioning like it just came out of the box, so get yours with ease and while stocks last.
Because our ex-display barbecues are scooped up so quickly, we're constantly changing our ex-display line-up. Browsing our site regularly keeps you up to date with our special offers and bargain deals, and if you want more information, feel free to contact us. At any point in time you can come across an ex-display BBQ from a popular brand including models from Weber, Outback, Swiss Grill and Napoleon. These are just a few of the ex-display barbecues you could find at a fraction of their normal price.

We are of the firm belief that barbecuing should be a seamless experience and our product selection resonates with this. Our grills are user friendly and provide an unparalleled experience for even the most discerning of barbeque masters. This is not to say that we don't offer grills designed for casual barbecues, as we have a selection of entry BBQ sets which may also appear on our ex-display barbecues specials.

If you are looking for long lasting, highly functional and affordable ex-display barbecues, contact BBQ World for the best deals in the BBQ world.