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firebox pizza box The revolutionary Firebox is a premium barbecue accessory that turns your gas or charcoal barbecue into an outdoor gourmet pizza oven.
Incredibly versatile and innovative, the Firebox removes barbecue boundaries and will cook your homemade artisan style pizza to perfection in a matter of minutes. Whatís more, the Firebox isnít limited to only cooking perfect pizzas; itís suitable for cooking fish, meat, vegetables, bread, cookies and more.
A stylish and functional addition to your alfresco cooking set up, use the Firebox at any occasion whether the party is in your garden or at a friendís! With no assembly required, stainless steel construction and featuring useful side carry handles, the Firebox will definitely be a 2018 must have. It is also the perfect gift for those who have a passion for outdoor cooking and who love the great outdoors.

Firebox Pizza Range

More On FireBox Pizza BBQ

Many of us love a barbecue. We enjoy cooking outside because it means that we don't have to miss a minute of the sun, which can seem like a rarity in the UK, and it also means that we can entertain friends and family outdoors while preparing great tasting food for them. There is a huge array of different barbecue and grill models that are designed for use outdoors, and with the right accessories it is possible to create a more expansive selection of food.

You can buy poultry roasters and rib racks, making it easier to cook whole chickens and racks of ribs. You can buy smoker boxes that enable you to enjoy the smoky taste of a charcoal barbecue while enjoying the benefits that gas barbecues have to offer. You can buy utensils and tools that make the grilling and food preparation process even easier. You can also buy accessories like covers, that protect your grill from the elements, and cleaning tools and products that make it easier to remove grease and debris from the grill.

Another accessory that can really enhance your barbecue cooking options is that of the Firebox. The Firebox basically converts gas or charcoal barbecues into pizza ovens. Made from steel and designed to be durable, the Firebox is not only limited to preparing pizza either, it can make the preparation of fish, vegetables, and even bread and cookies, a breeze even on your outdoor barbecue.

At BBQ World we love being able to expand the cooking options that are available when using a barbecue, and the versatility and quality of the Firebox enables this and more. We are the official website of Dawson's Department Store. Call us with any questions about the items that we sell, or call in to the store where you can see our full range of homeware and gardenware. Alternatively, buy online and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders valued over £50.

The Firebox

The Firebox is designed primarily for use as a pizza oven. It is made from food grade stainless steel and simply sits on top of the grilling surface. The stainless steel design disperses heat evenly throughout the oven, which means that you enjoy a uniform cooking temperature, preventing cold spots on your food. The design is simple and not fussy, the device is very easy to clean and maintain, and because the Firebox basically turns your grill into a hot oven, it can also be used to prepare other dishes like fish. In fact, you can even prepare muffins and pastries in your new barbecue accessory, and it is easy to do so.

Simple To Use

A lot of barbecues and barbecue accessories have a tendency to over complicate things, because of the huge range of features that they offer. While this does mean that you can prepare advanced meals and great tasting food, it is refreshing to receive an accessory that is really easy to use and quick to setup. With the Firebox, you are ready to start cooking pizza and other dishes almost as soon as you take it out of the box, because all you need to do is place it on top of the grill of your barbecue.

Uniform Cooking Temperatures

The stainless steel material used in the construction of the Firebox is not only safe to prepare food in but it disperses heat evenly and uniformly around the inside of the pizza oven. Stainless steel transfers heat but does not allow it to escape. There is also an easy read temperature gauge on top of the hood, so you can prepare the oven so that it reaches the desired temperature before adding your pizza.

Quick Pizza

The stainless steel design means that the pizza oven very quickly reaches the desired temperature, and it will remain at that temperature for as long as there is heating medium below. This, combined with the accurate and reliable thermometer means that you can prepare pizza quickly and enjoy great results. It will only take around 10 to 12 minutes to fully prepare a Neapolitan pizza, although you will need a little longer if you are preparing more advanced pizza options.

Easy To Maintain

Another benefit of the stainless steel design is how easy it is to clean. All you need to do is finish preparing your pizza, let the pizza stone cool, and then wipe the oven down with a damp cloth. This should be enough to remove all but the most stubborn of stains and debris. Similarly, the size and convenient shape of the oven allows you to easily store it over the winter months or when you aren't using the pizza oven, and you can easily wipe it clean once you've finished.

The Firebox

At BBQ World, we love anything that expands on the outdoor cooking possibilities of the barbecue. With devices like the Firebox, you don't have to run between kitchen and barbecue while you prepare multiple dishes. We also love the fact that it is really easy to use and ready to start cooking pizzas as soon as you unpack it.

Firebox Accessories

As well as selling the Firebox itself, we also have a selection of Firebox accessories that are designed to make ownership and use of the pizza oven even easier. One of the benefits of the Firebox is that it reaches the high temperature necessary to quickly prepare pizzas, but this does mean that it can get very hot inside and out. Using the right tools and accessories not only helps to improve the pizza preparation, but it can help prevent injuries and enhance the whole experience.

The pizza peel is a convenient tool for adding and removing pizza from the oven. It is designed to hold pizza up to 12" in size, which is the size that the oven itself will handle. Alternatively, a pizza spatula can be used for the same reason, to easily and safely remove your cooked pizza. The pizza cutter is a sharp pizza wheel. You don't have to try and cut through meat and dough using a kitchen knife, and the pizza wheel makes cutting your pizza into even slices a breeze.

All accessories are made from high quality materials and are built to last, so that you won't have to keep replacing them every barbecue season. They are also competitively priced and serve to enhance the whole pizza cooking experience.

Buy The Firebox From BBQ World

A lot of people find that they restrict themselves to preparing burgers and sausages on the barbecue. They might occasionally make something like a vegetable skewer, but there really is no reason that you can't prepare a lot of the same dishes that you would normally prepare in the kitchen oven. Thankfully, there are a lot of different options when it comes to buying barbecue accessories that will allow you to prepare different dishes and different foods.

The Firebox is one such accessory that allows you to cook pizzas without having to buy a dedicated pizza oven. The barbecue reaches very high temperatures, which are actually ideally suited to cooking pizza, but the uneven temperatures that are often experienced within the grill, and the uneven surface of the griddle mean that you will not be able to prepare a pizza on a standard barbecue surface. A pizza oven like the Firebox makes this possible.

Buy the Firebox pizza oven from BBQ World to truly enhance your cooking experience. Prepare fresh pizzas while you're outside and provide your guests with an even greater selection of food types. Buy today and spend more than £50 on your order and we will include free UK delivery with your order. Give us a call if you have any questions about the Firebox or other products that we sell or call in and see us at Dawson's Department Store.

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